Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Catch Up

Good Evening all!! Thought I should catch everyone up on how my Christmas was before ringing in the new year in a little over two hours.
In a nutshell, Friday my mother in law ( Sue) came up from San Antonio. That night, she, along with Chris, Nicole, me, my friend Christina and her daughter Hanna, went to Fort Worth to Sundance Square for a Holiday concert . We got home late but had a blast. Saturday we had Chris' cousin and his family over, along with Christina and Hanna again for a pot luck dinner and presents since Brett and Breon go to her parents for the holiday. ( Pictures of that night will follow shortly)
Again, we didn't go to bed till late. Sunday we got up , went to church and then went to my moms. We still had Hanna with us, but Christina didn't go. We had sandwiches from a wonderful deli called Potbellys, then opened presents with my mom. I also went by the cemetary to pay respects to my father since I didn't make it at Thanksgiving.
Monday dawned, and again we went out galavanting. This time to our great aunt and uncles house, then on to visit a friend of Sue's.
My mother also arrived , along with her dog Tipper, to stay with us that evening and ring in Christmas morning with us. We went to church that night for Candlelight Service (which is really beautiful), and again got home a bit after Midnight. Didn't get to bed till around 130 am or so. Up around 800 am for Santa gifts, and to eat my Christmas morning casserole. We also watched Underdog. Never got out of pajamas all day long. With as much running around as we had done there was nothing on this Earth that could have gotten me out of the house except maybe a fire, which thank God never happened.
Enjoy the following pictures of Saturday evening:
This is me on the left , with my mother in law Sue.

This is Brett and Breons daughter Evelyn ( shes 2, isn't she adorable??)
Nicole hamming it up with some of her presents ( she got tons of clothes!!)
Again, Nicole the fashionista modeling new jacket and purse. Nanny Sue is in the background.
And last but not least, Cher had to get in on all the fun... Cooper did too, the one in the previous post with her under the tree was taken this night also

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