Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silly Dog

This is my dog Cooper. Cute, isn't she?? Anyway todays post is not a wordless Wednesday. She looks kind of sad, doesn't she? well she always looks like that. She is part Chihuahua and part Pug ( a Chug??) hehe.
Notice how she is curled up all cozy like, on MY BED QUILT!!! well she always trys to find the most comfy spot in the house , whether it be on a pile of dirty laundry, or my daughters big winter school jacket.
As of Sunday I think she has flipped her little lid... She has now taken to walking under our Christmas tree as it slowly spins... mind you she hasn't gotten stuck there yet, but she either 1) walks slowly around with the tree in the correct direction 2) she stops right under it where it won't spin , or 3)she goes in the opposite direction of the tree and gets it turning a different way!
We sat there in the living room Sunday night and watched her and had a really good laugh. We finally came to the conclusion that she is using the lower branches of the tree as a back scratcher.

Since I put her picture up, I will give equal photo op time to our other dog Cher.
She is part Corgi, part rat terrier. Corgis are supposed to be lower to the ground then this, so shes got the terrier legs. Shes a cutie too, her nick name is Cher Bear.

I also have a female Cockatiel. I had two , a mating pair, but one passed away earlier this year. I'll get a picture of her up here soon.
Since I don't have a digital camera atm, I am having to rely on old slow film that you have to get developed at the drugstore. I will do that soon, and post pictures of Thanksgiving that I promised, and then maybe by St. Patrick's Day in March I may have Christmas pictures ready for publication, lol!!

More later, as this is my day off and I have to go help get the kiddo out the door for school.

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Lena said...

Oh man! We have to wait for film? lol. Whatever it takes! That is hilarious about Cooper. What is he going to do to scratch his back when the tree is gone?

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