Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Ramblings...

Good Morning to all:)) I am up and about , ready to go to Church. My first outing on my crutches was Friday evening, when Chris took me to get my check and then we went out to dinner at the Waffle House( YUM!!).
Now usually when I see a person who is either in a wheelchair or on crutches I step aside and let them have the right away... Well I am not the norm. In todays busy world its all for me and none for anyone else. People are just too involved with themselves to give a hoot about anyone else. I don't knowhow many times going through the store to my bank I had to stop becaues someone walked in front of me without even and excuse me.

Then yesterday was a bit worse. Nicole had a birthday party to go to so after Chris dropped her off there he and I went shopping at Walmart in hopes to finish our holiday shopping. I used one of those electric carts to go around the store since I was not going to shope for a few hours hobbling on crutches.. Well, people walked infront of the cart, cut me off with a regular cart or just wouldn't move their butt out of the way so I could get through!! And worst of all, I had to go to the toy section... that was the most crowded area , second only to electronics.. There I tried getting down an aisle where a little boy had proceeded to plop down in the middle of the aisle with some big boxed toy and I couldn't get through at all , till finally the mother heard me asking him to move or asking her to get him to move.. It was just really annoying.

All in all we now have most of the Christmas shopping done except for the pet presents, and one for my bestest friend Nikki. I got to talk to her lastnight for a long time and she has now started blogging to .. Hers is a bit more therapeutic, in that she has just been diagnosed with Adult ADD, so she is wanting to educate grownups that this is not just a kids diagnosis; it is real, and it effects not only the person diagnosed with it but everyone around them. If you want , click here.

If you click there it will take you to Nikki's blog and you can give her your support or find out more about adult ADD.

Thanks for letting me ramble and vent, and oh by the way I did get my Christmas cards all done and they will be mailed out tomorrow:))



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Lena said...

Yay for getting more shopping done and Boo for inconsiderate shoppers. I hope you recover quickly!

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