Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy weekend

Hiyas:)) Wow, this past weekend has been busy. Friday my mother called me and said that her cardiologist had called and told her they found some abnormal results on her recent stress test. She was told not to do anything this weekend, or go anywhere. So Chris and Nicole cbrought me over to her house Saturday morning so that I cold help her. I've enjoyed spending the time with her, I just wish it wasn't for this reason. We spent most of the day saturday and sunday wathcing movies. I did run to the store to get her some stuff, and bought us lunch.

Her appointment is at 1:30pm today , so we will have to see. Everytime this has happened in the past she has had to go in for another heart cath. If that is what the doctor deems necessary at the appointment today, then I may be over here for a longer period of time. Chris is going into my job for me today so no biggy there, but I do have to be back home by Thursday for my own test results. I had three tubes of blood drawn last week to check my cholesterol and thyroid and all that just to make sure im healthy:))

Will post more later today or tomorrow when I find out what the doctor wants to do. Just please keep her in your prayers.

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Lena said...

Will do. Hope there's no bad news for either of you!

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