Thursday, February 5, 2009


That is what I was yelling to my walls several times lastnight.
Now I'm not headed off to the looney bin due to talking to my walls, I was actually trying to tell the dog next door to shut up so I could get some sleep.

If I had an outside dog that barked sporadically and then constantly for 15-20 at a time at 3 am, I'd logically wake up and at least go check to make sure everything was ok. Wouldn't you?

We are friendly with these neighbors, but not overly so.
I KNOW there house is layed out almost like mine and thier bedroom is right across the backyard from ours, so its not like they couldn't hear their dog barking. She was right in between our rooms!

She isn't a little yappy dog either, she is a big yellow lab that is part wolf as well. She has these beautifully eery yellow eyes - but anyway - not once did they come out to check on her, or see why she was making so much racket. Making that racket off and on all night till I finally gave up on sleep and got out of bed at 530.

Needless to say I didn't sleep well, but other than that I'm doing ok.

Chris went back to work today, but personally I think he needed another day. His boss knows and can tel how bad he is feeling so hoepfully he can make it thru the day, but if not, she will at least send him home. HIs next paycheck won't be pretty, but most of the bill come out of his first of the month check so we will be fine.

Hope everyone else is doing good as well. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

shoo that always sucks having a short paycheck....hate to hear!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Youre not going to like this answer but I must say as a 2 dog owner, sometime I just don't HEAR their barking. I'm so used to it, it just blends into my world. But I will say they are NEVER outside in the middle of the night to bark. I think I'd hear that!


Mary Ellen said...

Maybe they're in bed with their ear plugs in, knowing their dog is barking!

joanne said...

I never know quite how to handle those situations...seems I always make things worse But I'm with you...I don't understand how they can NOT hear it. Sorry it's such a nuisance and hope it gets better without you having to intervene!
On another note: thanks for your comment today. Until yesterday I was not aware of how serious your mom's heart disease is. I'm sure she and I are close to the same age and I can tell you that she is such an inspiration to me. I hope all goes well with her tests next week and if she would ever like to 'talk' I would love it ;) All of you take care...

Chris H said...

Shame about the dog barking, I hope it doesn't do it again.

Michelle said...

Your neighbors should be glad they don't live near me... I'd have been on the phone calling them -- hey, at 3am, if they woke me up, I'm calling and waking them up. And if it continued (past one night), I'd call the local authorities. Yes, I've done that for neighbors for out of control fireworks at 11pm on June 28, etc.

Oh and ummmm when we were looking to buy our house, we had a contract on another house. During the inspection, we realized that it was surrounded by dogs on both sides with runs where the dogs were outside and nonstop barking the entire time we were there inside and out. Darn, there was a problem with the roof and we backed out :)

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