Friday, February 20, 2009

Ahhhhh, Friday

Let's all breathe a huge sigh of relief that this week is over.   
For me the week hasn't been all that bad, just busy.  
Today is a teacher in service day so Nicole and I are both out of school, and are going to do some housework and laundry.  I think we may give each other pedis too!

Update on my friend Nan's father - he had his brain surgery this past Wednesday and is doing well.  He is still mumbling a bunch of nonsense but they say it is because the tumor had been pushing on parts of his brain, and now that it is gone, some of it may go back into place.  Just please continue to hold them in your prayers. 
Prayers have helped, because the surgery went well, took less time than they had originally thought, and where so many things could have gone wrong - they didn't!

Nicole is still sleeping , and I got to sleep in a bit but am up now avoiding cleaning:)  I'm hoping I don't have to cook tonight and that Chris will just pick us up after he gets off work and we will go out and have a good dinner... I would even settle if I had to cook, and then we could all go to the movies!  wonder whats out right now... 
have any of you seen any good movies lately that you could recommend?

I don't have anymore news, so I hope everyone has a good day and great weekend!


Mary Ellen said...

I thought Benjamin Button was very good.

Karen Deborah said...

It has been a busy week, glad your friend is doing well. Brain surgery is always a big deal. things have to calm down. It's good to remember that when the brain swells at all there is no stretching room, so one always has to wait and see. Easier said than done.

Lena said...

I'm a little late here but we all loved Bedtime Stories!

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