Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Goes With Nicole?

Apparently very pretty names, thats what.

For our daughter Nicole, her full name is Honor Lela Nicole. She got two middle names in a fit of hormones when they handed us the form to fill out with her name. We agreed to call her Nicole, not Nicky. When she gets older she can have kids call her whatever she wants, whether it Nicole , Nicky or Honor - but we will still call her Nicole:)

Maybe about a year after she was born, a lady down the street from us gave birth to a baby girl and named her Faith Nicole. She went by Faith. Cute, now we had Honor and Faith on the same street.

Well , the other day at work, I was talking to Nicoles PE teacher, who is also the daughter of the lady who gives me my substitute schedule. She told me her first name was Nikki ( cool, spelled just like my BFF 's name!). I asked her if that was her first name, or her middle name, she said her name was Charity Nicole!!! haha, then I told her about Honor and Faith.

How many more names can we find like that , that also have Nicole as a middle name? tell me any you may have heard of!


Here are the promised pics of our fun spa day that we had on Sunday!

Here is Nicole with her new friend Sarah - they were really into this facial thing and this was about the ONLY time they weren't giggling!
Nicole and Sarah havign fun. That is a heated neck wrap on Nicoles head, not sure if she was trying to look like a Pharoh or what...

Here is Chris with his friend Cheri. They are holding a sign for their friend Margo, who was unable to attend the party.

More pics of the young'uns

Aww, what a cute family!

Chris and Cheri again with a different sign for Margo

Hope everyone is doing well. Also, today is Chica's birthday if you would like to hop on over there and tell her so!

Tomorrow I will be mentioning another great idea from my friend Michelle, so stay tuned!


joanne said...

awww. what a nice pic of your family...
Thanks for your sweet comments Marcy, I like coming here too. I also had that same hormonal fit when my daughter was born and gave her two middle names.
I l.o.v.e. the name Honor and this is the first time i've heard of it. Other than that I don't know any Nicole's either but it sure is pretty!
Spa day looked pretty cool too!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the family pic!!


Michelle said...

Ahhh, spa. Now that sounds like fun -- and from the looks of it, it was!

I love the Faith, Hope and Charity redux. Too fun!

Chris H said...

YOur daughter has a beautiful full name! Don't the girls look so cute!

Anonymous said...

My friend Nicole..on my sidebar..Her daughter's name is Rylee Nicole...Which is where I got Rylee from for my new puppy!

Anonymous said...

BTW..Nicole is a spittin image of you! Can't deny her! LOL!

Mary Ellen said...

Love the name Honor (love the name Nicole, too - my niece has it as her first name!). There was an actress Honor, although I'm forgetting her last name (Blackwell, Blackmore...something like that).

Great pics. I could use a spa day myself - it looks like it was super fun.

Nikki said...

That is one of those "Wish I could be there" sorts of days! Looks like fun!
On the Nicole name, I remember when I was little and everyone would ask me if my name was really Nicole, nope! My mom must have had one of those hormonal moments and said we're going to call her Nikki so that's what we're putting on the birth certificate.

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