Tuesday, February 17, 2009

300 Already?

Wow, I can't believe I now have over 300 posts. This number snuck up on me because usually I keep track of that sort of thing and have a contest every hundredth post - but not this time.

I will think one up soon though for all my faithful followers. I also had the number of 7777 on my counter this morning - I was astonished. I must have alot of lurkers because I've never topped more than 10 comments except at contest time!

Hope everyone is doing ok. I'm hearing alot of reports of people coming down with some horrendous stomach virus that WE DON'T WANT!!! I am knocking on wood so loudly I'm even bugging the woodpeckers, that I don't get sick.

Yesterday as I had previously posted was a relatively good day and I'm expecting today to be fun too. My mom will be here around 1130 or so and then we are off to Nicole's school to have lunch with her. That will end right about the time I was supposed to be there to help set up and serve for the Mother's Coffee. This years theme is Bless Your Heart - in honor of Heart Disease Awareness. We are to wear a warm-up suit or something red. I'll wear warm-up pants and a red shirt but not a sweatshirt since its going to be near 70 today! But then again the school is sometime cold. Guess I'll take one with me just in case.

Anyway, they usually have fantastic door prizes, speakers and general merriment. I've gone the last two years that Nicole has been at LifeSchool. I will try to get some pics to post for tomorrow.

Remember I said I was getting my new leg braces about two weeks ago? Well I did get them and have spent the last week and a half trying to get used to them. They are just a smidgen different than my old ones, but the same. Did that make sense?

They are hinged a bit more where I can move my feet back and forth more than I could with my old ones. They also don't have an ankle strap to hold my foot in place. Instead, my orthotist built padding up around the ankle to hold it in place and keep it straight as well. This is only the second pair I've ever owned and I can feel a bit of a difference, and I have NOT had to go have them adjusted so I guess all is well. Sunday Chris bought me a new pair of shoes for them too!

Here they are all put together.... they also are not as heavy as they may look:

Sexy huh? I don't wear them with dresses or skirts because they hem always gets stuck in between my leg and the brace... and if you think getting your skirt/dress caught in your underwear is embarrassing, this isn't much better . If it gets caught tight enough when I'm sitting down and go to get up ,it yanks me back;) I will wear them with shorts however in the summer. I do get looks sometimes , but grownups comment on them more than kids... even the kids where I work have seen me walking around with them on with capris and such when I'm just volunteering and not working and they may ask me what they are and all I tell them is something to help me walk. That satisfies them; the adults however question why I need help walking and whatnot, and sometimes I answer and sometimes I don't.

Afterall, answering the same question asked in different ways is sometimes slightly annoying.

Hope ya'll have a great day!


Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations on passing 300 posts!

A mother's lunch at school with door prizes and speakers? Wow. We were lucky to get a lame muffin once a year on Mother's Day. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... you've got Back in Black on your play list. I just mentioned that in a post the other day. LOL!

Congratulations on your 300th post. Woot Woot!

Congratulations on the new leg braces too!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I'm sure you are glad to have the new braces. Just think... yanking you back down is better than yanking your skirt down! :-). Now, that would have been embarassing.

Enjoy your day and thanks for all the love.

Michelle said...

Oh that sounds lovely! You've got a nice school. We don't do anything like that for the parents, but ... it's really hard to. We do at least do Moms Night and Dads Night though! So did you win anything?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christina! Congrats on 300!

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