Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Storms Storms Go Away

Anyone that has read my blog knows that I am petrified of severe thunderstorms that come with those lovely supercells that can turn into tornadoes. The word tornado just down right makes me whimper. I know storm/tornado season is coming , as it usually begins around here in March.
Therefore I wasn't ready for the gammet of storms that blew through here lastnight. I kept the news on with the tracker thingy in the bottom corner. Heard reports of tornado warnings north of us, and I thanked God above that the storm was moving N/NE and at a very fast clip.
When it blew through my town it was moving about 50 mph and was here and gone within about 30 minutes. All I can say is I was relieved with a capital R.
I spent a little time on Facebook lastnight IM'ing with Hallie of WWoW, she knew I was scared and was just making small talk and chatter so that I would stay calm - Thanks Hallie! - and she said to blog in the morning to let everyone know I was ok.
so, I'm ok:))

Later on today I am going to my monthly Shakespeare Club meeting and am looking forward to it. I am catching a ride with my friend Jackie, who will be leaving us shortly as her Army hubby is being transferred. :(

If you haven't hopped on over to visit my friend Michelle at Semblance of Sanity, you really need to... you can't miss her - look at my sidebar to the right and see the big button , that says Laugh Until you puke? yup, thats Michelle. She is currently hosting a 100 day challenge - either to change your life, or bless someone elses. No set 100 days - you pick the start and stop. If you wish to join, email her and she will send you a small registration form.
I'm joining the challenge and will start ( I think ) on the 16th - that is my goal.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I enjoyed chatting with you too!!

Glad all is well in your world and you avoided any scary tornado related stuff!


Anonymous said...

Shakespeare Club? That sounds cool.

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