Monday, January 19, 2009

Comic Strip to Real Life?

I read the funny papers.
I have since I was a child.
I read other parts of the paper too, but right now I'm focusing on the comics.
Because I think a comic strip character occasionally comes to reside in my house.

I'm sure most of you , at one time or another, have read the funny papers , and have come across The Family Circus by Bil Keane. If you have, I'm also sure you have seen the little ghost/gremlin named 'Not Me'.

Well Not Me came to visit me this weekend. I know he has been at my house before, but I havent' seen him in a long time till now.

( Mind you I AM NOT seeing little ghosts and goblins running around my house!)

BUT, Saturday morning, I went to make breakfast for Chris and I since Nicole was at Hot Chica's house, having spent the night with Carson. I used my butter flavored non-stick spray to coat the pan before I made eggs and sausage.
The non stick spray can was fine.
However, when I went to use it yesterday , the lid had a huge hole in it. I could barely get the lid off without cracking it further. I asked Chris if he had accidentaly dropped it. Nope was the answer I got. Ok, there ws only one other possibility - one guess as to who?
When I questioned the little 10 yr gremlin of mine, I got the 'not me' answer. She also answered that 'she had no reason to touch the non stick spray, so why would she break it.

'Not me' also doesn't rinse the dishes that he eats off of when putting them in the sink, and leaves dried stuff for me to try to scrape off.
'Not me' also doesn't lose the remote control, leave un-drunk sodas or juice around, accidentally leave the faucet running, forget to flush the toilet ( ok, that ones rare but it has happened), and also doesn't EVER, EVER use the last of the toilet paper and forget to put a new roll on.

Does 'Not me' ever make an appearance at your house?


MommaSuds said...

Not Me has yet to visit my house. I am sure my time is coming soon enough though.

Very weird about the non stick spray though..was not me making some eggs?

Queenie Jeannie said...


'nuff said!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

not me lives here.... sigh.

Michelle said...

Fortunately, Notme hasn't yet moved in. His cousin IDon'tknow sometimes comes to visit though. Fortunately, Mister Man is really good at admitting when he doesn't close the lid or flush the toilet ;)

Mary Ellen said...

NotMe used to live here. He's mostly gone now, but we do see an occasional appearance from ReallyNoIdea or HowShouldIKnow.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

He's been here from time to time but thankfully seems to have disappeared!!


Nikki said...

Yep, NotMe visits us all the time and Idon'tknow comes by pretty frequently too! So, you have my sympathies!

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