Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home, but not Alone

That's right folks. I was supposed to work today, but made the decision about 7pm lastnight not too due to Nicole feeling really bad. She was home from school yesterday because of coughing, sneezing her little head off and a stuffy nose.
Why, oh Why could she not have gotten sick over the holidays when she was already home? I hate for her to miss school. Not that I want her sick, but she only has a partial week anyway! They get out after half a day this coming Thursday and don't go back till next Tuesday due to Monday being Martin Luther King day. ( Friday is a teacher inservice...)

I thought yesterday she was just having a bad allergy attack, but the allergy meds weren't doing the trick, so lastnight I tried plain old Robitussin for stuffy nose and cough. She slept better then she did the night before! I know there are alot of new fanlged drugs out there, but you just can't beat the original stuff, that our moms gave us when we were sick.

I did get the hubby off to work though. He only worked half day yesterday too because his boss could tell how bad he was hurting and sent him home.
I already have the dishes done, and I've showered and am dressed and am currently working on a crocheted hat for my MIL. She bought this absolutely beautiful dark green leather jacket she found on sale and has pretty dark brown gloves that go well with the coat, but the blue and green hat I had made her before to go with another of her jackets doesn't match this one, so she wanted me to make her one that matched the gloves.
After I make that I have a dog sweater to make , then a baby blanket. I'm excited about the baby blanket, as it is for a bloggy friend, who is also becoming a RL friend. I won't tell who, but its for her first grandchild, as she is NOT having a baby, lol.
I will post pics of it when I'm done though, and tell you who its for. If she wants to blog about it before then thats totally up to her.

A few things before I sign off though, please head on over to my RL friends blog and give Eden lots of cyber hugs and prayers as she is going thru some difficult struggles atm, and needs the extra comfort...

also, my friend Allison is adopting a new puppy, as her beloved Gracie passed away not too long ago from a rare doggy disease. They won't get the puppy till around Valentines Day, but they need help naming her. They've narrowed it down to two, so go cast your vote HERE for your favorite.

Oh yeah, if you haven't signed up to follow Michelle at SoS, and her new and upcoming web show, that premiers this coming Friday, please go sign up NOW!!!

Heres to hoping ya'll have a great day!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am excited about the baby blankie too and will wait until we have photos to go with it :) I went grocery shopping ACK I HATE grocery shopping... and I am thinking I may go get a hamburger or something because I am to darn tired from shopping and unloading and putting things away to bother with cooking anything LOL.
sad i know.

joanne said...

glad to see you updated, i'll have to try it again soon!! Hope everyone gets to feeling better over there...take care..

Chris H said...

Oh I hope Nicole is feeling better soon.
I popped over and looked at the puppy, she is adorable and I think Rylee is a neat name!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope everyone at your house feels better SOON!!!

Can't wait to see all your finished pieces!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I tagged you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww..your such a sweet friend...We may not go with R's now..Don is thinking Maggie..so who knows...She's a Butterball right now..

Hope all is feeling well!!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I give my kids Robitussin they throw it up...you are so lucky it works for her. Hope she's felling better.

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