Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Randomness

Hmmm... Manic Mommy brought up a good point. Have you ever gone to Parents Night at your childs school braless? or without makeup? without having showered or washed your hair?

My answer to that is no, but I have gone to the store braless ( when I had shingles and it hurt like all get out to wear a bra). I have gone grocery shopping without makeup, and I've run to Nicoles school looking less than my fabuloso self. Now that I work there however I try NOT to do that, lol.

Please go give my BFF some uplifting words - her highschool aged nephew was hit by a hit and run mini van Tuesday morning while on his way to school. No internal bleeding, but it did shatter his hip and he is facing surgery and rehab. She is unable to come up here to see him so hopefully I can go see him this weekend and assure her of how he is doing.

Also, go give my friend Eden some bloggy lovin' - she is currently going through some difficult times and needs some nice words thrown her way.

All the icey roads yesterday are nothing compared to the freezing fog this morning. Chris left for work about 45 minutes ago and just called me and said he's not even half way there. He can't see that far in front of him, so keep your fingers crossed that he gets there safely.

I plan on getting some housework done today. Yesterday it was cold, Nicole was home and I just soo didn't want to do anything, but I will remedy that today.

When I was growing up I played alot of video games while my parents bowled in a league. I played Pac Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong.
Yesterday I found them on the internet! Sometimes you can't advance a level, but other than that they are the same and they were FUN! I enjoyed showing them to Nicole and she thought they were pretty funnny.

Well, I know this wasn't an inspiring post, maybe not even a funny post, but it was decent.
You all have a great day! Stay safe and warm!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Braless? Nope, never. Wouldn't want to scare the school.

And Frogger is DA BOMB. But only the old school, original version with the giant roller ball!!


Anonymous said..., no, girls don't like that.

joanne said...

now that's what I call random...(thats a compliment coming from me)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i fed many of those three machines...and braless... ummm no its just not pretty when these longs are flopping about... no not pretty at all.
and how could you post about these games but not share the link???

MaBunny said...

I'm sorry guys , when I did this post it was still early in the morning, I will get the links to the games when I get home from work today!

Nikki said...

Thanks for all your support for my nephew and I know he'll be happy to see you if you can get by there this weekend! P.S. He's having his surgery today (Friday) starting about noon, so he's been progressing faster then the Dr's originally thought. YEAH! Let's hope he can keep surprising them!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Man! This winter weather is hitting everyone hard!!! I sure hope your husband made it to work ok!

Chris H said...

Braless... NEVER!
Makeup less... yep!
Hair... always done!

Sorry to hear about the hit and run accident, hope the boy is getting better.

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