Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally Friday

Good Morning to all of you out there is the blogosphere.
Hoping everyone had a safe and Happy New Years Eve/Day.
Chris and I went out to dinner with some friends Wednesday night, but then we were home by 8pm. Does that show our age?

I had fallen asleep by midnight , but was rudely awakened by the idiots on our street that decided to set off firecrackers. These in turn scared the crap out of my older dog and so she woke me up walking around the bed very agitated like and whining. Chris finally took her in the den where she couldn't hear them quite as well , as it is in the back part of the house.

Monday Chris had come home with a stomach virus that I'm happy to report I didn't catch. I sprayed so much lysol, everywhere he went in the house and banished him to the den that he was beginning to feel I didn't want him around - I didn' t mind him it was his germs I didn't want, lol.

Nicole is still at my moms until tomorrow. They are having a lot of fun and enjoying each other. Nicole does not want to go back to school Monday. I don't have to go back until Tuesday , when I'm scheduled to sub for a Kindergarten class, that has yet to have a sub. I'll be their first - I'm looking forward to it. The aide will be there and he knows me and that class of kiddos has seen me before so I'm thinking it won't be too bad.

I also went and got fitted for my new leg braces this past Tuesday. It will be three weeks until I get them. My old ones kept snapping the straps and stuff because I don't think they fit that well anymore.

I finally finished reading Twilight - now I'm definitely addicted and need to get the next 3 books.
Notice my new little addition to my sidebar? - Twilight addict? I have joined the insanity.
Right now I'm reading the third book in the latest trilogy by Nora Roberts. I still have two more to read that I got for Christmas. Not sure how much time I will have though , for the next few months or so. I have to finish crocheting one hat , I have one more to make , along with a dog sweater and a baby blanket.

Hope everyone has a great day, and I found these two cartoons in my e-mail - thought I'd leave you with another giggle to end this post:


Anonymous said...

Oh geez those cartoons cracked me up!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Loved the cartoons!!!

Sounds like you had a nice break before the busy-ness starts up again!

Michelle said...

Fingers crossed you don't get sick. And ohhh my, those are lovely cartoons.

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