Tuesday, December 2, 2008

These are my dogs. They look peaceful don't they?
Sometimes I wish I was a dog so I could curl up wherever I please and be happy with it.
Cher, in the top photo, found a blanket in a chair that someone left there and promptly buried herself in it.
Copper , in the bottom photo is curled up in the dirty laundry pile I had on the floor of the laundry room after seperating clothes. Of course I had to re-seperate them after she pawed them into a pile SHE liked...
Hope everyone is having a great day. I plan on doing absolutley NOTHING more than necessary. This means I will feed myself, get my child off to school, feed the dogs,and hope the hubby stays home since he's still not feeling well, but other than that - NOTHING!!!!
You know how they say mondays are bad? Well, I had a pretty bad one yesterday. I won't go into details , but it was busy and I'm PMS'ing, which may explain alot.

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joanne said...

Everyone deserves a free day once in awhile. Relax, regroup and recover! Take care...;)

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