Saturday, December 27, 2008

Picture Catch Up

Okies, I promised I would share pics of the last week when my camera would cooperate and tonight it decided to do so. Here are the pics in NO particular order! This first one of course, is my RING!! my Open Hearts Ring from Chris... isn't it purty? the pink plaid background are my new jammie pants, lol.

This is Sadie - my MIL's 6 mo. old puppy. She is a toy rat terrier, and after a very long day of playing we finally got her to sit still for more than a milisecond so I could take this picture.
This is my child acting weird while trying to show off her new High School Musical jammies

I found this picture on my camera while downloading these tonight - I didn't take this - this looks like a self portrait, lol. Guess Nicole had a few minutes where she was bored.

This is Chris showing his mom how to work her new MP3 player, and telling her all the music he downloaded on it for her

I took this because it was a really sweet picture of Nicole and my moms dog Tipper.

Honey, please put down the camera.

You can see the dogs were so totally not interested when we were decorating the tree

Nicole and Carson in front of the newly decorated tree

Nicole being silly while we were baking cookies - I decided to glop some icing on her nose.

This is our tree - topper. This year, Nicole wanted to put the traditional one up and give Taz a year off, but he is usually up there.

Hope you enjoyed those and have a great weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

great photos... thanks for adding your prayers!

Chris H said...

What a gorgeous ring, and the jama pants ain't so bad either! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Those we're so awesome....I love the new background....

Mary Ellen said...

Awesome photos! Looks like everybody had a great time.

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