Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Circus Act and how you found me

You Should Juggle

You've got the talent to go far in life, but you don't really like to take risks.

You rather practice your well honed skills than put your life in danger.

You are agile and coordinated. You can work magic with your hands.

You truly mesmerize people. You don't have to resort to cheap tricks and gimmicks.

Me a juggler? yeah right... I can barely hold a full gallon of milk...

Anyway, I'm surprised I now have over 6000 hits! WOW!!
After looking into what people google to get to my site, I've found a TON of people land here due to searching for the YUMS shoes, and since I have pics of mine and Nicoles, those particular posts are hit pretty hard.

However, there is the odd google search that lets me know there are still a few strange people out there doing weird google searches... Here are a few...

Crazy Headlines of 2008
Yeah, ok, so I think crazy headlines are funny, got a problem with that???

Watermelon Yums Shoes
See? told ya that brings them to my site, only mine are bubble gum and Nicoles are Candy Apple

Woohoo animals Claires
not exactly sure how they landed on my site with this search, but oh well, to each his own...

A Shot in the butt
um, ok... why would you google this? to try to see an actual shot in the butt? they landed on my site with this search, only because nicole was sick one time and got an antibiotic shot in the hiney...


On another note, my friend Peri is thinking about starting a blog. I'm trying to encourage her , she already has some ideas, and is trying to figure out a way to combine her love of cooking with her love of politics. I'd say that would be quite an interesting blog! And written from her little dogs point of view, hehe, please my blogosphere friends, give her some encouragement, I KNOW she reads my blog:)

Have a great day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Come on Peri...all the COOL kids are doing it!!!


MommaSuds said...

OMG I love the Christmas Cookies,Babe song!

A juggler huh? I feel like a juggler most days. I did the quiz and it said I should be a tightrope walker. LOL

Off to check out the rest of your songs list now. Have a great day!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

come on peri its blog time!~

Anonymous said...

Only the very cool and awesome folks have blogs...don't be left out.

Bogart said...

I tried to juggle once...the parents put an end to it after I broke a kitchen light, a glass table top and scared the dog.

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