Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rewind and Catch Up

Morning to all in bloggy land!  I'm sorry I haven't been around in a few days, but since I wasn't feeling well last week and all, it's been kind of crazy.

On the sick side, I'm feeling much better.  Still have a few days of meds left but am totally on the mend.  

Earlier last week, my aunt had e-mailed me and told me she had a birthday package in the mail for me.  Yippee! I love presents.  I got the present on Friday while I was home alone.   It was marked fragile and I had no clue what it could be.  Then I opened it.  Now just fyi, my aunt makes beautiful scrap books.  She spends hours working on them, getting each page just right.  Well, when I saw the wrapped package in the box, in the shape of a book, I wondered if she had made me a scrapbook. 
Then I thought maybe she did one of my father, since she had pictures that I might never have seen before.  I unwrapped it and started crying.  

Now I know that is sooooo not what my Aunt Betty had intended, but it happened none the less. 
My BFF Nikki wasn't around, my great friend Christina was not around, and Nicole was at school and Chris at work.  I didn't want to call Nikki because she was at work.  I couldn't call Chris for the same reason.  I called Christina.  Blubbering like a big idjit.  She finally calmed me down enough to get out of me what was wrong.  She told me she would stay on the phone with me while I opened it.

So I looked at it closely.  Isn't it beautiful?  Didn't she do a wonderful job?  
I calmed down alot, and looked at the pictures.  Later on, alone, I went back to the album and read all the little additions she had written in it.  Stuff about the vacations they took and such.   Immediately I could tell how much love and time she had put into making it, and I realized it was something I would treasure forever.   When Nicole got home from school, she and I also sat down and looked at it, and talked, and laughed and remembered.  

Then Saturday we didn't do much but clean house.  Trying to get everything off the floor in preperation for the new puppy.  Thats right - we decided to get the puppy.  

This was just after we got her:

This was lastnight - se how spoiled she already is?

I'm very proud of Nicole in the way she is already trying to train the puppy.  She is already trying to teach her to come when she calls, get used to a leash, and of course teach her NOT to bite.  My sock already has a small hole in from the mini razors in her mouth.  She has not had ANY accidents in the house so far! In the two whole days we've had her, I thought we would have had at least a few.  We are trying to crate train her and she yelps like crazy, and we take her out and she goes!   We are giving her some puppy formula mixed with puppy chow , as she wasnt' completely weaned when we got her, but she is 5 weeks old and the vet said we could wean her just fine with the powdered puppy milk.  Its a plus that she likes it:))

I had a nice, quiet Mother's Day.  I didn't do anything special, but I did get a very pretty homemade card from Nicole, and she helped me make breakfast too! She makes awesome scrambled eggs.   Then Chris did all the dishes, scrubbed down the counters and the stove.  I've never been more attracted to him! lmao, haha j/k!

I worked yesterday, subbing for a fourth grade class.  It went great!  It was even better that I got my brace liners and was able to wear capris and my new sandals! I will show them to you tomorrow via pictures.  

Today is my birthday and I'm not working.  I will do the breakfast dishes, then pick a few movies to watch and sit and read the Sunday paper since I wasn't able to on Sunday!  I also am not going to cook tonight, as Chris said he would buy me my birthday pizza from Romas - my favorite Italian restaurant!

Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day, and has a great rest of the week!



Lolosblog said...

I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day. Hmm, what movies? I've been looking for something good.

Happy Birthday!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

happy birthday! sounds like great plans.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful gift your aunt sent! Gifts like that are priceless... and the time and love she poured into it... ooooohhh!!!

The puppy is darling! Booper still thinks he's a puppy but he weighs 75 lbs... how nice it is to be able to cuddle a puppy without bruises! Of course, those teeth will get ya! Have you named her yet?

I'm sorry to hear you are having female issues.... OY!!! I wonder if we've got similar things... Hang in there!

Gosh, I hope you have a great day today! Hug that puppy!

Chris H said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A bit late.. but still I hope you had a lovely day.
The puppy is adorable.. name?

My Two Army Brats said...

Happy Birthday!

The puppy is so cute! Our new puppy also acted like an angel for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Then all of a sudden he turned into a real puppy. Chewing stuff, peeing on stuff, wanting to play 24/7! I forgot how much work a puppy was, it's been soooo long since we've had puppy days! Crate training is the best!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the sweet pup. And what a lovely gift from your Aunt - heartfelt and wonderful.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Love You!

Anonymous said...

Love the Puppy...Rylee was that way too, when we 1st got her...she is now 4.5 months old...and she went the 1st maybe 2 weeks no accidents, then they started, pee mostly..and she has her places, it's getting better now, but I was ready to give her away @ the time..hehe..

The scrapbook was agreat reminder gift...It should always be special! Homemade gifts are always the best, especially when they include pictures!

How's Nicole?

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