Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Bit of This and That

Howdy to all! sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, but I was busy with end of the school year details. I will announce what awards Nicole won, but I will do a seperate post of her showing them off.

A lot has happened in the last week. First, I'm sure I mentioned that I was excited that my MIL was coming up here for Memorial Day weekend. We hadn't seen her since Christmas, due to her battling asthmatic bronchitis, then the whole Swine Flue uproar she didn't want to travel, and gas prices mixed up in there somewhere.

So we were really really excited that she was coming up, especially since Nicole was off school on Memorial Day. Friday I get home from work and Chris called me. He informed me his mother had had just a plain old shit day. ( sorry folks, no other way to describe it), and that she wasn't coming up here after all. Turns out that she had gotten called into her bosses office and told that they were cutting her salary almost in half, and that within two years or so she would no longer be employed. After as many years as she has been with this company she was absolutely devastated. She was too upset to drive ( totally understandable) so she was just going to stay home.

After the initial shock wore off, she did some hard thinking. After discussing it with Chris, and making some calls to Social Security, she has decided to move up here with us. I know some of you are thinking,'oh God she's going to be living with her MIL! poor Marcy...'
I'M NOT THINKING THAT! ( and I'm not just saying that because she READS THIS BLOG),
I truly have a wonderful relationship with my MIL. I'm excited that she is moving here. Probably within the next 2-5 mos , depending on how long it takes her to tie up loose ends where she currently is.

After all, we live in the house where she grew up and raised Chris, so she is more than welcome. Nicole will now have both Grandmas close by, which is fantastic. God forbid a time ever comes where my mother can't live on her own, well, there is room here for her too. Chris and I had talked about this before we ever got married. Since we are both only children, it would be up to us to take care of our parents on our own, and both of my grandmas lived with me and my parents while I was growing up and I loved it.

So after that all got straightened out, I wound up working my last day of the school year on Tuesday. Although I was up there all day Thursday for the awards ceremony and Nicoles end of the year party.

At her awards ceremony, she got A Honor roll for the year, and her teacher gave her the 'Helen Keller Enthusiast' award. She says she can totally see Nicole working with the blind and/or deaf in her future, that she is such a caring young lady.
Nicole also received a Gold Medal for her TAKS tests. ( Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) In order to get a Gold Medal, you have to miss no more than 2 on the entire test in two or more subjects. She won for math and reading. WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER!!!!

Here are some pictures from Thursday:

This was taken outside during the water balloon fight and kickball tournament with Ms D's class.
This is Nicoles teacher Ms Lindsey. She was so ready for the day to be over.

This is during the water balloon fight

This was the auditorium decorated for the awards ceremony

( I had to add this picture even though it has nothing to do with school)
This is the puppy Korie curled up next to Nicoles shoe. I think our other two dogs are teaching her some bad tricks...
Anyway, I hope all of you had a great weekend, and will have a wonderful upcoming week.
Our next several weeks will turn into cleaning out and rearranging a bunch of stuff in preparation for my MIL to once again make this house her home.
I haven't talked about her alot on this blog, and I'm not sure I have any pics of her, but her name is SUE, and she is very smart and funny. She loves her some San Antonio Spurs basketball too. She is also one of my soul sisters in the reading department. We are always trading books.
She has the funniest sense of humor. When she sent me my bday card she signed it 'Love Sue your MIL', hahahahaha. She is even learning bloggy lingo, lol.

Ya'll come back now, ya' hear?!!!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

i loved my MIL too she was fantastic and i told people all the time i would easily have lived with her she was a wonderful friend and grandma, i was closer to her than to my own mom. I cant wait to see and hear more about her! hi SUE :)

Chris H said...

I think it's lovely that your MIL can move in with you! Not all MIL's are horrid ... it's such a myth.
I loved my MIL, but sadly only knew her for a couple of years before she died of cancer.

Flea said...

How cool that y'all can take her in and want to! I'm impressed. And let me say for the record, I don't think I could take my mother in law in. Ever.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I just can't get past how cute that puppy is.... don't you just want to scratch his belly?

MaBunny said...

LOL Christi, yes SHE gets her belly scratched often - but that position she is in? her fave for sleeping - too funny.

Nikki said...

That is so great that Sue's moving in with y'all! Having known her for 13+ years, I can say she is probably the BEST MIL anyone could ask for! Give her a big hug from me when she gets back home with y'all!

Michelle said...

Congrats to Nicole!

And I think that's great that your MIL is moving in and that you're all happy about it. I'd sooner eat a cow eyeball than have my in-laws live with us. Or be in the same town as us permanently :)

joanne said...

cute pics! I think it is wonderful that your MIL is coming to live with you. When we bought our previous home we talked about the same thing and what we would do if the day came that we had to have one of our parents come live with us. There was really nothing to think about...of course we would do'a only logical and the right thing to do. Sadly, I lost both my parents way to early and it never was needed but the intention was there. I commend you and Chris!!

Bogart said...

Water fights are the best!!!

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