Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Scare

Whew! Tuesday night was nuts! Caused me to get a few more gray hairs and not alot of sleep.

It started Monday afternoon.  Nicole complained of her tummy hurting.  This is not a new complaint, as she has acid reflux.  Normally a shot of Mylanta does the trick, along with a bland diet for a day or two.  

She said it didn't feel like that this time.  She wasn't running a fever, so we just told her to take it easy.  She still played with her puppy , read her books and cheered or booed for Dancing With the Stars.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  

Tuesday I sent her to school.  She said her tummy hurt still, and it was right around her belly button.  I didn't get a call from the school that day so I assumed all was well.  She got home, and didn't look like she felt good.  Said she felt like throwing up.  She was also now running almost a 100 degree temp.  One word started flashing in my mind, especially when she told me that the pain had now gone from her belly button area to the lower right side of her abdomen.  Appendicitis...

So, Chris and I tried not to panick, so I called a 24 hr nurse hotline through her insurance.  I described the symptoms, even poked and prodded Nicole where the nurse said to.  She told me that with everything I told her that we should take her to the ER because the pain on the lower right side was worriesome.  

I stayed home, unfortunately , to watch the puppy.  Nicole didn't want to leave her alone at night.  I didn't want to NOT be with my child in the ER - even though her very capable father was with her.  

8 freaking hours later, after an abdominal CT scan, blood work and a urinalysis they diagnosed NOTHING!!!! not a flippin' thing.

Chris and Nicole got home a 5 am Wednesday morning.  Chris had to go to jury duty and Nicole just passed out.  When she woke she said she felt better and proceeded to eat very well.  

So we have no dianosis, and she says she feels better this morning, but boy was she cranky.  Not like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, more like she fell off it  /sigh.  Could it be cramps? she hasn't started yet, but she is around the right age.  The pain plus the moodiness? ugh

On the bright side, the puppy is doing well.  Cries everytime she has to go potty, so no accidents so far.  She is getting used to our house and is starting to try to explore on her own.  Cher is keeping her in her place, lol and Cooper is totally ignoring her.  Oh well.

Here is a half decent picture of my latest Lapghan.  It is alot more red than you can tell in the picture.  I will try to get a better pic of it later on.

Hope everyone is doing well!  


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ugggg on moodiness glad she does not have apppendicitis... hate those non dx's glad the pup is adjusting.

Chris H said...

At least she's OK now! It is a worry though. She may be coming up to 'that' age... but the location on her pain is not right for that really.
Hopefully it was just a random tummy ache.

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear that she's feeling better now. That definitely had to be scary. Poor kid! And poor you. I so would have left my husband home with the puppy, but I'm a control freak like that :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Nicole is fine! OY!

Get used to the moodiness... bwaahaahaa! Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Have a great weekend and the lapghan is awesome!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Well, I'm so glad she's ok!!! It IS frustrating when you don't get answers from the doctors though.


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