Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi Ms. Able!!!!

Nicole is happy when we run into her teachers at the grocery store.  This has happened a few times.  We ran into her Kindergarten teacher and principal eating dinner one evening, and more recently one of the coaches from LifeSchool.

Later that week I ran into that particular coach at school and she said it was funny, shes just shopping and will hear her name called or "hey coach!" and she tries to find the source.  She says sometimes she wants to run away.  I thought it was funny till it happened to me Sunday.

Chris, Nicole and I were at Walmart doing grocery shopping for 2 weeks.  I was walking down the bread aisle, looking for a particular brand of English Muffin when I hear "Hi Ms. Able".
Now here is when I will readily admit that I remember faces, BUT have a hard time remembering names unless that particular kid makes him/her self stand out for some reason.  This could be because they misbehave, or are overly helpful.  Either way, this girl must have been a wall flower because for the life of me I could not remember her name.  Face yes, name no.
She introduced me to her mom too.

For the next 5 aisles or so I kept pondering her face trying to remember who she was when I turn down yet another aisle.  Then I see another girl that I know for a fact is in 3rd grade and I remember whos class she is in.  She was with the first girl I ran into, but I think they were shopping with different people.  However, the 2nd girl acted like she remembered me, just not from where.  Till I ran into her in the hallway yesterday.  I said hi to her and it was like a little lightbulb clicked when she figured out where she knew me from.

Throughout the year when I've subbed the younger kiddos, they've been sweet and drawn me some pictures.  I thought I'd share a few with you.

This one is from a particular noisy second grade class, they all signed their names for me telling me that they were the best ever and they apologized for being too loud.  

This drawing was from a little girl in 3rd grade.  How I wish I was that skinny! lol
Yesterday at the end of the day, I bid the 2nd grade class I was watching a good bye, telling them I wouldn't see them again till next year and I got jumped.  By that I mean that at least 4-5 girls came running up and started hugging me.  I can't describe how happy that made me.  

Even as a sub you wonder if you are doing the right thing sometimes.  When they do stuff like give me pictures or hug me, or on the rare occasion, thank me, I know I've done something right!

These last two pictures have absolutely nothing to do with school, but I wanted to show them to you:

I tried out a brand new recipe that I found on the internet for Oatmeal Strawberry muffins.  I decided to make them on Monday, and they are soooo good! Don't they look yummy?

This picture was taken lastnight when the huge storm was moving in on us from the west.  I dont' know how cool it looks in this picture but looking up over the house and seeing clouds that looked like feather brush strokes was pretty neat.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  

Ya'll come back now ya hear?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Those clouds look a little scary but the muffins....pass me one please!!


Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

That's awesome! What a great feeling to be appreciated!

Michelle said...

That was one of the things my husband worried about when we moved in district... and yeah, people come up to him from five years ago who remember him. And he doesn't.

joanne said...

I love the second look hot..;p

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ahhhh! Those pictures and your post was so sweet!!! You must be doing an awesome job with all those kids!! Hugs!

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