Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

One week ago today my mother came over.
She stayed with Nicole while I went to the doctor.
When I came home from the doctor, I saw my little girl get into my mothers truck.
My mom called me when they got to her house to tell me they were home safe.
When she calls us in the evening to tell us goodnight she calls us mommy and daddy.


When I aske my mother yesterday how Nicole was behaving, was she helping her out with stuff, etc... my mother informed me that she was being such a good girl. One morning before coming out of the bedroom after getting up she MADE MY MOMS BED!
One morning my mom asked her what she wanted her to make her for breakfast and she asked if she could MAKE HER OWN SCRAMBLED EGGS, THEN DID!
One night after dinner my mom went to take her dog for a final potty walk and aksed Nicole to stay there and do the few dishes left over from the meal, and SHE WASHED AN DRIED THEM ALL AND STACKED THEM ON THE COUNTER READY TO BE PUT AWAY!!!!
She has been seeing alot of her aunts while at my moms too and everyone seay how much shes grown up and HOW POLITE SHE IS!!



Laura ~Peach~ said...

sounds to me like she is butterflying into a young woman and also sounds like you have done a wonderful job training her! you should be proud through the tears of seeing and knowing she is growing up on you ... HUGSSSSSSSS

Anonymous said...

You've done well Mommy. Be proud!

Nikki said...

I know what you mean! When I ask my son to do something to help out around the house, it's all whine and gripe. But, when he goes to visit one of his friends, their parents always say how nice and polite he is. How he helped out with lunch, all that sort of thing, and I'm thinking, what alien has taken over my son and why can't they stay when he comes home!

joanne said...

Oh that post just tugged at my heart strings. It DOES go way too fast. You must be doing something right...she sounds like a very strong, caring child. Great job mom and dad ;)

MaBunny said...

LOL , although I appreciate the comments ya'll have left regarding how well Chris and I have done raising her , I guess I told the story wrong! She is indeed a wonderful kid, but she doesnt' do all that kind of stuff at home without a lot of grumbling! So I was asking what kid was at my moms? certainly not mine, lmao.

Chris H said...

Don't ask, just be thankful she's turning out so nice!!! And I hope it lasts... probably wont though! I have 3 grown daughters.... so have seen this 'phase' a few times... ha ha ha!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

^THAT is SO normal! they change some where between... we took my kids ages 9 and 6 to my dads wedding 14 hours(one way) in a nissan altima (back when it was a smaller car) and I swear to you somewhere in kentucky they were abducted by aliens and for the next 9 days I had DREAM children they were amazing not fighting polite funny well behaved at all times ... I swear people talked about how well behaved my kids were for YEARS and still laugh about it.... ALIENS I swear... we knew what you were talking about ... you and chris have done a great job!~ HUGS Laura

Anonymous said...

Haha...she will be back to normal, when she get's home! hahaha...wait till she hits a teenager...

Karen Deborah said...

she'll be back to normal when she comes home. Are you feeling alright?

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