Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Hubby

Good Morning to all!

Ok, I didn't get many questions to interview Chris with, but the ones I got were really good.
When I firsttold him that my blog friends were going to interview him, he was like 'huh?"
" do I HAVE to answer them?"
I told him nope you don't , but then I'd just have to answer for you.
Last night, he said he was ready to be interviewed. I told him only 4 people had asked questions about him. He said " only 4?" ( Think he was ready to be asked TONS of questions? lol"

Anyway , here goes: ( I will fill in some commentary to any question I feel he didn't answer good enough:))

Noble Pig asks:

"What is your favorite breakfast dish? your favorite dinner dish?"
Overnight French Toast is my favorite. However, now that I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I love any combo of eggs and some sort of meat. Marcy still makes the overnight french toast on special occasions though.

Allison with The Brady's said:

"I don't have any questions, I just want to see a picture of the two of you together"
Ok, Allison, here goes. This is a picture from our wedding day. I'm sure Marcy has a bunch more stuffed somewhere, but this is the one that I knew where it was. She has about 5 or 6 one-time use cameras to still be developed.

Laura~Peach asks:

"How did you two meet? How long did you date? and who chased whom?"
Well, I'm going to let Marcy actually answer that one, since its the same story:))"
We met at a country bar one night when the guy I was with took me there to meet his friends. Chris was one of them, and I had to try really hard to not let my jaw hit the floor when I saw him!

I couldn't help myself - every time he went by me on the dance floor if i wasn't dancing, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. that was sooooo unlike me -if I was with one guy I didn't usually check others out , and this was my dates best friend!

We actually were together for about 2 years before we got married, but we lived together for most of that time. He kind of moved into my apartment the Monday after our first official date!

But up until that point which was only a few weeks, I set him up with my best friend Nikki, and constantly tried to set things up where I knew he'd be there!

As for who chased whom? I chased him...I mean come on,lol, when I set him up with my BFF Nikki, when he showed up at the apartment, I'M the one who ran down the stairs to greet him! lol. I don't think I was very subtle. Also I was talking to Nikki and she only agreed to go out with him because I said how great he was. She wasn't into cowboys at the time. In fact she HATES country music, but agreed to the date because it was the 4thof July and it sounded like fun.

Michelle asks:

" What is your least favorite habit of hers?"

That's easy! When her ears itch and she makes this weird sound with her throat trying to get them to stop itching. It gets to me worse than nails down a chalkboard!

Why do you love her so much? What do you love most about her?
My honest answer is that it is impossible to answer that question. I can't actually put that much emotion into words. That would be like trying to pick a favorite child - you can't do it!

How do you feel about her blog?
I think it is a great idea. It offers her a good outlet, and its something for her to get interested in.

Coffee Bean asks:
Has MaBunny made you a special lapghan yet? And if so is it your favorite to sit and snuggle under when its chilly?
NO! she has not made me a lapghan yet, and she's made 4 so far! But she better make me one and SOON!
I will I promise!

What is your favorite thing that she cooks for you?
Her Meatloaf - she makes great meatloaf

Do you get annoyed by her blogging?
No, just annoyed at the stories I sometimes have to listen to that she has read on other blogs,

There folks! Hope you enjoyed 'meeting' my DH, my hubby, the love of my life...

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Okay this was so sweet! He really loves you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sweet blog entry and excellent picture what a lovely couple!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to be reassured that none of the annoying stories she's shared came from my blog. Lie if you have to.

MaBunny said...

LOL, don't think so K.J:))

Anonymous said...

Left click on the doohickey on my blog, then right click and click on save to your computer. Then go into your layout and click on add a page element, then click add a picture and then it is the same as adding a picture from your computer.

joanne said...

oh, how sweet your hubby sounds. And what a beautiful picture. Thanks for shring and nice to meet you...pabunny ;)

Nikki said...

I remember that night when you set me up with him! To be honest, I did think it a little odd that you ran out to meet him, but at least I got to know him and knew he was a really nice guy before you started dating him. So, early congratulations on-Oh my gosh is it really going to be 12 years now for you 2! And just think, if you hadn't met him, I wouldn't have met my hubbie of now 11 years! So, Thanks and Congratulations to you both!

MaBunny said...

Yuppers Nik, 12 yrs.. OMG! and 11 for you two:)) I can't believe that either!
Hopeing we can do soemthing special for the 12th, I already know what I'm getting him - I think...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Just now catching up on blog reading...Ya'lls Picture is BEAUTIFUL! SUCH A SWEET FAMILY! and such a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! I feel so blessed to have you as a friend!!!!
Love Hub's answer's too...BTW French Toast if my favorite..but what is "overnight french toast"..You'll have to email the reciepe!

My Two Army Brats said...

Aww what a sweet Hubby! I met my hubby at a country bar when I was dating one of his friends and he took me there for the first time!

We didn't start dating until after we had become the best of friends (I only dated his friend a couple weeks before the army set that guy off to Germany)! Then we got married a little over a year after we first met!

We are going on 9 years this December!

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