Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Well Do You know Your Movie Music?

My BFF NIKKI of www.addnikki.blogspot.com, has put up her first contest. It's alot of fun. If you are a movie/music buff please go by and enter. Even if you aren't go try it ! I tried my hand at it yesterday and got 13 out of 14 right. She has some doozies up there! She will also be giving clues to some of the songs throughout this week. Click here to read about the contest, then post your answers in the comments section. The comments are collapsed so you can't help each other with answers. But come one, whats the fun in that anyway??

The contest will run through this Saturday, maybe early sunday morning incase she gets any late entries.

Now on to other business. Look at my post below. See my Mickey/Minnie award from Peach?
I thought I would never get an award, and now I've received two! ( YAY ME:))

Now I'm going to pass that award on to a few others. Since Peach and I read alot of the same blogs I was trying to figure out who to send it too, so I came up with:

NIKKI - my dear , sweet, loving BFF. and since it shows Mickey/Minnie walking and holding hands like friends, I think its pretty self explanatory. And yes, a post will be coming soon detailing our 20+ yrs of friendship.

LENA - is a also a real life friend of mine, although we don't get to see each other a whole lot. We keep in touch mainly through our blogs and e-mail. She is an LDS SAHM to 5 wonderful and beautiful children. She also homeschools them all! She is one smart cookie, and alot of fun to be around.

ALLISON - I haven't known her a very long time, however when I have communicated with her by e-mail and while reading her blog, she seems to have a very loving heart. She is sweet, and funny , and a purse hound like me.

So like I mentioned, go pick up your award from my post below and spread the love if you feel so inclined:))

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Also, thank you so much for hoping my foot is ok. It seems to be doing a bit better and I don't think I will need to go to the doctor - YIPPEE


Lena said...

Awww!! Thank you you sweet thing! You have such a heart of gold and I'm so happy we were able to meet each other. Sarah going to school for just one year was worth it to meet you!

Nikki said...

Thank you so much! First for the Award, my first! Can't wait to put it on my blog! And second, for the plug of my contest, I had a lot of fun picking out tunes and I hope you had fun trying to remember what movies they came from and if I remember correctly, we actually went to see some of those movies, back in the day!
Thanks again and I'll post more hints on my blog tonight!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thank You...I need to put my awards on my blog..and I will, Im on graveyards, and they stink...I love my award, thank you so much..You deserve it as well, Your such a kind spirit!

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