Thursday, July 3, 2008


Good morning to all in blogland.
I told my friend Kristen that since she was tickled to see her name mentioned on my blog, I was going to do a lot more than that and make her the subject of a whole post... so Kristen, here you are!!!

Now I go back in time to Christ Community Hospital, Chicago, IL in 1971.
Two women were put in the same room after they delivered their babies.
They became the best of friends.
So did their babies.
Those babies were Kristen and I. She is exactly one day older then me. She has two older siblings, but I am an only child.
Kristen and I grew up practically side by side till my family moved to Texas in 1979.
It seemed we were connected in a way. We always attributed it to being born so close together, etc.
When she got sick, so did I. We liked all the same things. We usually celebrated our birthdays together.
Most people think we are related, even though we are not.
Even after my family moved to Texas we kept in touch.
Things happen in our lives to the point that it is eerie. She called me when we were in 9th grade I think and told me she had been diagnosed with Scoliosis
(curvature of the spine), and that she had to wear a brace that went up to her neck.
Jokingly after hearing that I mentioned to my mom, oh great, now I'll be diagnosed with it and put in a brace. I didn't know how true those words would be. Within the year, the school nurse thought my spine was slightly curved and notified my parents who took me to get examined. My spine was curved 21 degrees and I was being put in a lower back brace for the next year at least!!!!
We both dated guys named Mike - they tunred out to be bad news for both of us.
She got married on September 25, 1995.
Chris and I married August 24, 1996.
We were at each others weddings.
After her and Keith were back home from my wedding, I didn't hear from her for the longest time and became worried. I prayed I'd hear from her. Finally I did. And turns out she had been thinking of me too. Turns out she had a miscarriage, and was going thru a pretty rough time. Somehow I felt that. I knew somehow she was sad.
Thankfully now we have wonderful lives.
She is still happily married to a wonderful husband Keith, and has twin boys, Chase and Carson.
( our children were also born exactly one year and two days apart!!!)
Here are some photos of us:

Kristen and I in 1990, with our hunky waiter from the Sugar Shack

Kristne and I getting ready to go party

Drinking at the Sugar Shack

Isn't she beautiful?!!

Kristen and I on her wedding day

I hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures and the little trip down memory lane.

Now, I have to mention here that I also have a BFF, soul sister , whatever you want to call her , here in Texas. Her name is Nikki, and she will be the subject of a whole post here in the near future too:))

Hope everyone is doing well!
Come back and see me!

*( if the pictures look a little funky, I'm sorry, just learning how to use our scanner!)
and you can click onthe pictures to make them bigger!


Anonymous said...

Kristen, you are officially a celebrity!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to share that kind of long life history together!

Michelle said...

The Sugar Shack? Seriously! That's one ummm interesting night, I'm sure!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love this blog. How great that you have a friend like this!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool pics yes she is a beautiful bride!
when I scan pics what i do is save em to the desk top then crop them and they load easier to blogger and that cuts the whte from the scan out... oh and my scanner saves them as btmp... i convert them to jpeg... it also helps with loading to blogger.
Great post!
HUGS and Happy 4th

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