Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, got a lot of little stuff to mention just F.Y.I.

Either her computer was having fits, or mine was, but either way CHICA asked Chris a question for his blog-interview and I didn't get it, so she e-mailed it to me. She asked
' If You could buy Marcy anything in the world and money was no object, what would it be and why??'

"Hmmm, good question, I'll have to give that one some thought..."

So, when I get an answer out of him, I will let ya'll know! (I'm kind of anxious to hear that answer too!)

And yahoo , yippee, I got my first BLOG AWARD from Coffee Bean, and here it is:

She awarded it to all who linked back to her awareness of Dystonia. She suffers from this, and has a hard time being heard when she speaks. Click here to see more on her blog about this. She also said some really sweet things about my blog and said I am a lady with a big heart. Thanks Coffee Bean! I try to be all that and more.

Also , Michelle at SoS is trying to lose some weight before attending her High School Reunion.So she is trying to get faithful readers and lurkers alike to join her in her caloric intake cut down. All ya gotta do is visit her here, and join in the fun!

I'm still crocheting, just haven't finished much to show ya'll yet. I have finished crocheting the purse I tried and it came out cute cute cute, however I still have to get the fabric ( probably this weekend) to sew the insides with so it doesn't stretch out when I put stuff in it. If ya'll like them and might want one I will try to figure out a price in case I'm asked, since Christmas is only 5 months away! Can youbelieve it? Also, Nicole goes back to school in 4 1/2 wks! I have to start making her try on her uniform shirts and stuff from last year to see what actually still fits her. Please, someone , tell me where the year has gone? Is it just me or has it just flown by? It's like here one minute and gone the next.

Oh, I just thought of one more thing. If you have dogs that are due for their shots, be careful! You don't want to have to go through what Allison did yesterday! I just hope her 4-legged babies are all right.

Just like I did for my friend Kristen, I will soon do the same thing about my BFF Nikki. She doesn't know what pictures I may have , but I can be pretty sure I'm not going to put anything TOO embarrassing up about her. I love her too much to hurt her, but I may put up something that is kind of funny, but NOT mean:))) Just you wait and see Nik!

Hope everyone is having a great day. To break some of the monotony here, Nicole and I went to the library then went to Sonic and bought half-price shakes during their happy hour. When its this freakin' hot out there isnt' much you can do , except swim or stay indoors. Chris enjoyed his shake too, since he's been home yesterday and today with a bad summer cold that is going around down here. He hasn't had a voice for 2 days ( lucky me:)) J/K honey! Luv Ya!


Anonymous said...

Oh a sonic shake sounds good.

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest thing! Thanks for the prayers for my babies...They are doing much better today, and Roofus got his IV taking out today...Thanks so much for your prayers...Your such a great friend!!!

Karen Deborah said...

You were smart enought to figure out how to down load the award, I still haven't figured it out!

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