Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine's Swap

Good morning to all! I hope everyone is staying warm in this frigid weather. I do have to say that living in Texas since I was 8 sure has thinned my blood to cold weather. I have pictures of me dressed in a snow mobile suit, with only my eyes showing, sitting on a 6 ft snow drift when I was like 7. Haven't seen that much snow since then!

A lot of schools around our area are closed or starting late today but Nicoles school wasn't closed and she was not happy about that. She was all ready to walk out the door this morning in her short sleeved uniform shirt and her sweatshirt jacket.. I was like 'not going to happen ' - I told her short sleeved shirt fine, but zip sweatshirt jacket, pull hood up , then put regular jacket on, with that hood too and her gloves and scarf. She was like, its not windy, I'll be fine! What she didn't realize at the time is that our house was blocking most of the Northern wind, and once she got to school and started to walk across the parking lot she'd see I was right for telling her to bundle up...

Remember I had participated in the Halloween Blog or Treat swap, as well as the Santa swap? Well now its time for the Valentines Day swap. Shannon has once again come up with a fun way for us to meet different bloggers.
Here is the button, linked to her site, if you would like to participate or see what it is all about!

Gift Guide

Oh, I was also talking with Hallie this morning via Facebook and she called me a wimp lol, because I told her how cold it was here in Dallas, and she said up there in Maine , it was a balmy 22!

Have a great day all, and I hope everyone stays safe and warm


Chris H said...

We are very warm thanks! *smiles*

LuAnne Lizotte said...

Hi it is 7 for the high today. Way below zero tonight and they say 25 below wind chill again tonight. We live in Mo where it hasn't been this cold in 25 years. Our kids in Houston are laughing at us because they were smart enough to move!

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