Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry for not keeping up with my blog as much as I normally do... sometimes life interferes and nothing can be done about it!

I wanted to do this post yesterday and forgot, then today I was supposed to work all day. I only wound up working till 1030, which is when I left because my stomach started going cuckoo and I wasn't going to be able to keep running to the bathroom and leave the little kinder kiddies by themselves. So I came home and laid in bed and read and watched Desperate Housewives!
( never got into the show much until this week - its kind of funny!!)

What I was wanting to do was a quick welcome to a new blogger. I used to go to school with this woman, who is now married, the mother of a teen and tot, and her and her husband run their own business. She was always writing life updates via Facebook and someone ( not me though) suggested she start blogging. Please stop by and welcome my friend Cathy of The Adventures and Escapades of Joe Cool and Llama Llama.

She seems to be keeping her blog pretty well updated. Stop by, say HI! and heres to hoping ya'll have a great rest of the week. Gotta do something Friday that is wriggling the back of my mind with a teensy bit of worry. Will talk about it more either Friday afternoon or Saturday.


Llama Mama said...

Thanks for the welcome, Marcy. This blogging thing is weird, but I like being able to write. Hope you feel better tomorrow :) We went to school together (counting in my head)....(now getting a calculator)....24 years ago! wow, when did we get over 21? Eesh!

Goodnight, Cathy

joanne said...

good to see you post but sorry you are not feeling well. How were your holidays??
I will check out the new blog...thanks for sharing. Am I the only one NOT on Facebook???

Chris H said...

I hope whatever is worrying you turns out JUST FINE mate.

Michelle said...

Ugh bummer that you had to leave early. It does crack me up that the sub needed a sub in a weird sort of way. Good luck tomorrow!

Cookie said...

Ugh... Hope you are feeling better soon. It's not morning sickness is it??

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