Monday, January 18, 2010

All Better Now:))

FINALLY, we are all feeling better Food is staying where it should ( thank goodness). One of my comments on my last post actually asked if it was morning sickness... um NO!!! not unless my MIL and Chris would be pregnant too!!! Another thing I'm thankful for is that Nicole never got sick, because at 11 yrs of age, I don't think she has EVER made it to the bathroom to do so... ( sorry if that painted a picture.)

Thank you to all who sent best wishes to me , not even knowing what it was that had me a bit worried. If you remember back in June I think it was, that Nicole went to an Ortho specialist because of her knee. She was in a lot of pain and her knee was swelling and had small bruises on it. At the time they told me it was growing pains and that should it get worse to bring her back. They had also found a small cyst behind that knee, but said that shouldn't be causing her any pain.

Well when this winter season hit, oh boy did it hit her knee. There wasn't any position she could have it that was comfortable. It hurt to participate in gym at school. We tried ice, we tried heat, and we tried icy hot. I didn't want to keep giving her Advil or Motrin every night so I had to call the specialist back and see what was up. It was definitely not much better. We had to wait a while to get an appointment but it was finally this past Friday.

After a thorough examination, they said she has very loose joints and that that leg is a bit weak. Physical therapy should be able to strengthen it. We left there with four exercises she is to do nightly and they said that the PT would call me sometime this week to get her set up. Talk about efficient! First thing this morning at 9 am, the PT called to set up Nicoles initial evaluation. It is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of this month, so we only have to wait a little over a week and she has those 4 exercises to do in the meantime. She has only done them for three nights and they aren't comfortable to do , but she gets through them ok.

I also have to take her in soon to get her evaluated for CMT. When my mother and I were initially diagnosed in 2003 they checked her for it then and she showed no signs, but said to get her rechecked between 10 and 12, so I have to set that in motion by getting her records from the first doctor and getting them to the Dallas MDA clinic. That should be fun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to the current week. As long as everyone stays healthy, we should be just fine too!



Nikki said...

Oh goodness! Tell Nicole we wish her the best with her PT and we'll be thinking of her as she goes through the testing for CMT. Glad Chris and Sue are feeling better, hate those persistent little bugs, they just don't know when to leave!
Thoughts and prayers to you too as you deal with all the PT and testing! Good Luck!

Chris H said...

My two never make it to the bathroom either! NOT NICE.
Glad you are all better now, and good luck with the tests etc for Nicole.

Cookie said...

Yikes! sounds you've been busy, and not in a fun way!
Glad you are feeling better :)

Michelle said...

Glad you're feeling better now! Being sick is hard on everyone... and poor Nicole with her knee. Fingers crossed the PT does the trick and that it goes away. That can't be fun at all.

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