Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm a bit Grossed Out, are you?

I don't care HOW bad I needed to use toilet paper - I would pass, thank you very much.

Butt ( lol) the question is, if the toilet paper broke off, or got stuck, would YOU stick your finger in there to fix it or retrieve it?

This funny as hell, yet kind of gross e-mail was forwarded to me from my mom. Thanks loads, hahahaha!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend! We sure did! Some family came up from San Antonio Saturday so we got to visit and exchange Christmas gifts with them. Then we all went out to eat at Romas ( my favorite Italian Restaurant !!!)
Nicole only has a four day school week so she was happy to find that out. They are off Friday for a teacher work day, and then Monday for MLK day.
So far I'm only working Wednesday this week, for Kindergarten,so that should be fun:)

Going to go cruise the blogosphere now and do some catch up reading!


"Mrs. Robinson" said...

OMG. Gross!!! There is no way I'd stick my finger in there to get the stuck toilet paper, LOL. Another reason I carry kleenex and wet wipes in my purse.


Flea said...

Nasty nasty nasty!!!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ACK that is so nasty LOL i hope you shared it with hallie LMAO

Michelle said...

Ohhh my. I know that what is found in belly buttons is usually recycled, but some things I relly prefer to NOT think about.

Queenie Jeannie said...

OhmyGod!! Where did you find this???

Sorry your tummy is icky. Mine was today too. I think I'm finally tired of eating crap foods, lol!

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