Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Ok, not sure when I posted last - I know it was this past week, but I'm blank for the moment on exactly when.

Lots going on - brain on overdrive. So much so that Friday I was sure after working all day with a class of first graders it was oozing out of my ears. /sigh.

Anyway, this week has been really busy. Seems like nothing got done. So this weekend, Nicole and I are taking the time to clean. Since we don't have a car. Since Chris isn't at home ALL WEEKEND.

Why is Chris not here and why are we carless for THREE days you may be asking?

Well, Chris had planned a few weeks back to go to his moms this 3 day weekend and help tie up some loose ends before she moves. Do some minor work on her house and stuff. Well, his cousin Jay was going to go with him. They were going to take Jays truck, leaving us with the car.
Well , Jay had to get a tetanus shot for travel purposes this past Wednesday. Within a few hours he started having a slight reaction, then it got worse. By Thursday he was in bed per docs orders for the next 4-5 days. Turns out he had such a bad reaction from the shot that it was about one step down from an anaphylactic reaction, it was that bad.

Well, Chris couldn't NOT go, so him and his other cousin Brett took off for San Antonio Friday evening and will be back sometime Monday. Nicole and I had plans, but now they just inclue NOT getting on each others nerves and doing some much needed cleaning.

Hope everyone else is having a great Labor Day Weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hope his cousin is all right...and hope that you two have a good weekend together!!!

Michelle said...

Yikes! That is not a good thing. Fingers crossed his reaction ummm simmers down. Soon.

And that you survive your weekend together!

Chris H said...

I had a nasty reaction to my last tetnus shot too.. my whole arm blew up, turned beetroot red and got a huge hard lump... which lasted for about a month. I hope your husband's cousin is OK now!
And I hope you and Nicole had a nice weekend and didn't get on each other's nerves!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I had planned on cleaning bathrooms and floors today, and then thought better of it. First of all, Thomas and Bella will be up my butt while cleaning and will make short work of the clean-ness. So skipping it til tomorrow when they are both gone. And I will craft instead, lol!

Sorry you are carless. Sounds like it's time for some chick flick movies and a jammie day!!

Flea said...

How bizarre, reacting to tetanus like that! I hope he's better soon.

Enjoy cleaning house. Laboring away with your daughter. :) Tell her I say hi!

Karen Deborah said...

anaphylactic reactions are just the stinkin pits not to mention scary.

Have fun cleanin up, well you know it's worth it when it's over.

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