Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Situated

Wow! What a week so far. We seem to be getting into a bit of a routine now that my MIL has moved in. I never assumed nor asked her to be the house maid , but she was kind enough to do most of the laundry, and depending on who cooks dinner, the other does the dishes.

I got called into work on Tuesday, then had to work all day today and all day tomorrow. I have the same class for two days - a fairly good group of first graders with the exception of two that I have to keep my eye on. They are what make my day interesting:))

I got home about an hour ago from my Wednesday night crocheting/knitting circle. I'm so happy that the shop opened - I found the sweetest bunch of ladies and we all range in age. I'm not by far the youngest one there - that would be the shop owners niece who is a senior in High School.

My MIL ( Sue from here on out) decided to skip tonight but will come up there with Nicole and I next week as she is still tired from all she has had to do to get ready for the move. She will fill out her application tomorrow and go into school with Nicole and I on Friday to turn it in and meet Nicoles teacher. Nicole is excited to have everyone meet her Nanny!

I hope everyones week has been going great, I have checked out a few blogs, but have not gotten around to as many as I usually do, so give me a little while and I will catch up!

I'm also LOVING our cooler temps! we were actually in the high 50s this morning!


joanne said...

Good to hear from you. I'm glad Sue is getting settles, when will she be starting a blog of her own????

Chris H said...

Wish I had a MIL ... someone to share the housework with would be nice! Stew does SOME ... but most is up to me.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh... feel like sharing your mother-in-law?!?!?

Michelle said...

Wowwww, a helpful and considerate MIL. what a concept. If only!

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