Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, the weekend is almost over and all in all it was pretty good. Yesterday I went to my CWF meeting at church, where I turned in my 7 crocheted baby hats that I attempted. I say attempted because I used the same pattern, but all 7 hats look differant. Chris said they had 'character'. they are still wearable though for those tiny little heads.
Afterwards I played on line for a bit, then spent a quiet evening with family.
Today Chris is working a Christian concert for Metro Praise Orchestra. They are a bunch of local guys that like big band music, so they created the MPO, and play around the DFW metroplex. They also have several CDs out. I will try to get there website soon so you can take a look.

Nicole went to the mall today with a friend and came home with another Bratz doll, like she needed one, but oh well, she already has some and a ton of Barbies. Some of her barbies were mine when I was little, so its kind of funny for her to be playing Barbie with one of her friends and have them pick up a gold lame jumpsuit and ask what it is, lol. Its from the 70s sweetie.
Anyway hope everyones weekend went as good as mine. Since Nicole and I are the only ones home tonight, I let her pick what we are having for dinner- turns out, we are having tator tots and grilled cheese, the dinner of champions, lol.( I don't think this dinner will be considered weight watcher friendly).

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