Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Morning to you

Hiyas all! Just a quick note to say i'm still here. The last few days have been extremely crazy, running here and there. This is my second day off this week and I finally got to sleep in a bit, but the craziness will start all over again the second we get in the car.
Well, Dancing With the Stars had its first three night run, and Chris, Nicole and I were glued to the set to see everyone dance, and then someone get booted off lastnight. We , of course used our option to vote online for our favorites, and the one that we thought had the lowest score is the one that got booted off, lol. so we should be on the judging panel:)) Course we haven't had the years of dancing that the current judges have but all in all I think we did great, lmao.
Hopefully when we get home today I"ll be able to work on my crochet more. I'm attempting an adult hat not that I got all the baby hats made for our church project. I'm also going to try a small bag for Nicole and a baby blanket for Chris' cousin and his wife, who are expecting their second baby in March. I'm going to work today on getting pictures of Nicoles baptism up that took place on July 22, so I can share those, they are great pictures.

More later!

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