Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day Off

So far my day has been anyting but. I spent most of my morning running errands, then came home to eat lunch, check on Chris, who is home with a migraine, and now I'm about to go wait in line to pick my daughter up from school. Funny that she gets out of school at 330 , but if I want to get her at a decent time I have to be in line at 300, guess its a good thing that I like to read, or crochet. I'm currently making crocheted baby hats for my service project for my ladies group at church. We are donating them to the Ronald McDonald House. Some ladies are also making baby blankets. Well, I will try to get some links up soon, more later.
A good day to all

1 comment:

Lena said...

Yay! Good to see you in the blogging world Marcy!

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