Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hurry Up and STOP!!

hehe STOP!!! seems to be my most recent favorite word, along with NO!!! STOP THAT!!!!
These are usually directed at the new puppy. For those of you who aren't following me on Facebook, here is a picture of the growing little tyke.

This was taken when she was asleep in my arms the other day , for her afternoon nap. The snoring audio I took with it is funny as hell, but can't download that on blogger atm...( I don't know how)

Anyway, Nicole and I just finishing up our antibiotics for whatever that throat thing was that we had last week. When we thought we had passed it on to Chris, at that time we were wrong because by afternoon he felt fine. He woke up with a 101 degree temp yesterday though and is now home for his second day. He now has antibiotics too,so he is on the mend.

I don't think I have mentioned this in a while, but about a month or so before Christmas Nicole was complaining of her knee. It was slightly swollen and bruised. We took care of it, and within a few days it was gone. A few weeks later it occurred again so the doctor ordered an MRI. The doctor said the MRI was unremarkable except for a small Bakers Cyst behind her knee cap but he said that couldn't be causing her pain. Well her knee still hurt, so when her insurance changed I took her back to another family doctor that Nicole really liked and she referred us to a specialist. We FINALLY have this appointment on this Friday, the 12th. Nicole's knee is still hurting badly. Now there is a large hard knot on the back of her knee and she is complaining of it a lot more than she was, so this appointment can't come fast enough. Seems like it has taken forever. Please pray that all will go well.

I'm really excited that the third season of Army Wives started this past Sunday. I know I'm not one, but I know a few and they too are hooked on the show. Do any of you watch it? if not, what are you hooked on?

I've finally caught up on my reading. I'm only reading one book, but I"m almost done with it and am wanting to borrow Breaking Dawn from my friend, if not Nicole and I will start making our every other week trip to the library.

I will sign off now and go catch up on the blogs that I haven't been able to read lately. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great week:))


Flea said...

I'm so glad you have an appointment to take care of the cyst! Hope it goes well and is taken care of completely.

For a second there I thought you'd read Breaking Wind. Maybe that's the sequel?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Keeping my fingers crossed about the knee!!


Chris H said...

I hope Nicole's knee is fine.. just some random thing that can be fixed toot sweet!

Michelle said...

Oh good luck with her appointment. Pain is never a good thing, and especially not when it's chronic! Here's hoping it's easily fixed. And BOO to the doctor who didn't find anything and just patted your head and told you to go away.

joanne said...

I hope all goes well with the doctor and you get some answers...pain is never a good sign! Get better Nicole.;p Love the new pup..so much love and fun. Take care.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I hope Nicole is ok!!! Please let us know what the doctor says!

The puppy is cute, you know, for a dog, lol! Is it a lab? That's what my Alex has.

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! All the books were awesome, and her book The Host was equally great.

I used to love Army Wives, but I don't anymore. This season is off to a bad start. I'm going to blog about it later.

Have a great day!

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Holy cow! I didn't know she was still having problems. Keep me posted sweetie!

Puppy is still cute as ever!
Busy week I'm out playing catch up!

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