Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enough Reality Already - Geesh

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When is it going to be enough people?

I have to admit that I'm getting a bit sick of the whole reality show thing.
Now I do watch Dancing With The Stars. I can tolerate one or two episodes of Jon and Kate as well because my daughter watches it. I like to watch Iron Chef with both Chris and Nicole because the food that comes our of kitchen stadium is too tantalizing to not look at.
I'll even take in a few episods of Mystery Diagnosis or Trauma E.R.

But give me a break guys, why would I EVER want to see the newest one on that I've found and watched in astonishment - PITCHMEN. I don't give a rats ass what products Billy Mays comes across and how he decides to promote or not to promote it.
I don't care about Dirtiest Jobs either - some of those are just plain disgusting. And just how often can you watch people making cakes?
Do you really want to see the struggles of obese people on TV? I'm into weight loss, and I'm happy that those folks are getting healthier though.
There is even a new show I saw advertise the other day - on Oxygen - 'Dance Your Ass Off' with Marissa Jarrot Winoker (sp?) who herself is an overweight actress. She was on Dancing With The Stars a season or two back and now has this new show where overweight people try to dance the excess poundage off. Not sure how they will do eliminations and stuff, but geesh.

They even have dog grooming shows. Oh.My. God.
I could care less if you are great with dog clippers, or you can powder a poodle perfectly. UGH.
I know I can just turn the channel, and I often do, but I just think the amount and content of some of these shows is just stupid.
Reality TV didn't do Jon and Kate much good. And all the cake bakers and food makers will get overweight and have to either dance their ass off or join the biggest loser. They will come out with some new amazing product that can be pitched by Billy Mays. It just never seems to be enough.
People, if you like watching all these shows, good for you, or you can turn the channel or even turn the darn TV off.
Go play a game with your kids, do gardening or walk. Read a book. Go take a cake baking class instead of watching other people bake. Same for a cooking class.

Just enough with reality tv for a bit!

If you have strong opinions about this fine, just don't leave me an ugly comment. Eveyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. Just like you should respect my opinion on this subject since its MY BLOG!!!!


Lora said...

I HATE reality television. I can't take another minute of it. Who are these people that care so much that every damned show is a reality show? What about their lives? Are they living them? Or are they just watching others?


That said, I will admit to peeking in to the shows once or twice a year, especially if there is a marathon of a show on and it's a rainy Saturday. But I watch to point fingers and move on with it. Not because I care.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i had to giggle at the lovely wording you have there... brilliant... i love AI and so you think you can dance... i also get a kick out of the food network at times... but the rest i am so over them...

Mary Ellen said...

I admit to watching a few of them, but I think there's a line, and I try not to cross it...The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol.

I definitely think that there are a lot of more interesting ways to spend one's time than watching dog groomers or hair dressers compete...I mean, for heaven's sake!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for the fundraiser plug! :)

I LOVE everything on Food Network. And those cake shows?? I'm like a crack addict...can't get enough!!


Nikki said...

You are so right! There is so much Reality TV on now a days that it's really not "Real" anymore. What every happened to the "Real" shows like Wild Kingdom, Wide World of Sports, or the Jacques Cousteau's specials I grew up with! That's what "Reality" shows should be like not these shows with all these B@#$% and Moan sessions, and voting someone off the island or whatever.
I see and hear enough of my own kids arguing with each other or complaining about stuff and that sort of thing at home that I don't want to watch someone else doing it too. Gives me a headache.
Bring back some good shows kind of like The Cosby Show, something I can sit down and enjoy without having to worry if it's appropriate to watch with my kids. Guess that's why I've ended up with 3 TV's in my house.

Nikki said...

But I do admit we do watch America's Got Talent, reminds me of the Variety Type shows like the Donny and Marie, Sony and Cher, Hee-Haw,or Carol Burnett Shows mixed up with the Gong Show. It's amazing how many talented people there really are out there!

Flea said...

Back when I watched TV a couple of years ago, I really liked Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe - ROWR. Otherwise I just don't get the fascination.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Remember back in the day when COPS was the one and only reality TV show. lol

Queenie Jeannie said...

I really like Survivor which I guess is a reality show. I only watch a handful of shows and none of them are on right now. (so sad!) So I either watch a video or am in my stamping room. I've never been much of a tv person anyway.

That Billy Mays though should be muzzled!!! He shouts everything!! I do NOT want to be yelled at, tyvm!

Bogart said...

I hate reality TV...except Top Chef, Iron Chef, Joe Millionaire, Joe Millionaire 2, Top Chef Masters...wait, maybe I don't hate reality TV, just most of it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have to say Harper's Island is my FAVORTIE SHOW!! it's not reality...anyways...

My husband & I both love Dirty Jobs..I have a hard job, stand on my feet for 12 hrs in steel toe shoes, it can be dirty and it's very long @ time, however pays really good...When I have a bad day..I can come home and watch Dirty Jobs...and it makes me feel better to know...IT DEFIANTLY COULD BE ALOT WORSE! HEHE...

that said...I love reality TV, Survivor, The Bachelor, Big Brother, Extreme Home Makeover..and I stand not alone..cause they are on TV and people like me keep them on the air, cause we watch them...Sad I know...I have no life...hehehe

Anonymous said...

and Yes I remember Cops..I hated that show..My daddy used to watch it when I was kid!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcy...Don't guess Billy Mays will be pitching some new amazing product cause today he passed away!So sad...but I seen it on fox news and thought you had just talked about him!

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