Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

The last few Fathers Day posts I did , I dedicated to my father. He is gone and Yes I still miss him, but I'm here to say Happy Fathers Day to a current father I see every day. The father of my only child.
He is kind, generous, loving , sweet, funny, and stern when the need arises.
Since the day she was born, he has sung to her. Now whenever she is sad or sick, she wants daddy to sing to her. They also love to get into monster tickle fights - and to hear the laughter from the two of them is the best music to my ears.
When she has a tummyache, he cleans up after her, becasue if I did it - he'd havee twice as much to clean up.
When she does well in school , he is right there to give her the praise she needs. When she needs help in math, he is also right there, ready with an explanation to help her.

I couldn't have asked to marry a better man, or to have a better father for my child!

I love you!
Happy Fathers Day Chris!

See? she even looks like him, more than me!


Michelle said...

Oh how sweet -- and happy father's day, Chris!

Flea said...

How very sweet! Love your family photo!

Mary Ellen said...

What a terrific dad! Happy Father's Day.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I know I'm behind, but I'm finally playing catch up!

That's a great post.. fit for a great man.

Happy Father's Day Chris!

Bogart said...

Very Nice

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