Thursday, April 9, 2009


Good Thursday Morning to ALL!!!

Finally I have a day where I can putter around the house and not run hither and dither.

Yesterday I attended my Shakespeare Club Afternoon Tea. This year was extra special as it was my first as an official member instead of just a guest. We had a very good time and I actually got to meet Shakespeare!
(sorry for the blurriness of this photo...)

He was portrayed by Robert Clover-Brown a*k*a The Shakespeare Man. Click HERE to read more about this amazing performer...

It was nice to dress up for a change considering when I go to work I am usually wearing slacks so I can wear my braces. I actually wore a skirt, blouse, my pearl earrings and necklace. I felt like queen for a day, lol.

Here are some other pics from yesterday:

This is our Club President Mattie Crockett, who does a wonderful job!
Some fellow club members and guests

The kitchen where a TON of food was waiting to feed the hordes...

Mr Clover-Brown performing for us

Hope everyone has had a great week so far. Nicole is out of school tomorrow for Good Friday so we will be sleeping in after I get the hubby off to work. We are also going out to dinner tomorrow night with our friend David , who will be in town for a few days. My mom also comes home from California tomorrow and I am anxious to have her home and safe, no matter how much fun she is having there!

Talk to ya'll later!


Nikki said...

Looks like it was a BLAST, wish we could have a club like that here! Glad you had fun and I know you'll be so happy when your mom is home safe and sound. Hope y'all have a Great Easter!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Fun pics...even the blurry one!

Hallie :)

Bogart said...

Looks like a good time...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lot's of fun! Glad you had a great time!

Michelle said...

Oh I'm glad you enjoyed your first "real" meeting! And how fun for you to be able to have a performance for you all, as well.

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