Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Wow, seems like forever since I was able to sit and do a post.  I've been a busy little bunny these past few days.  

After last Fridays dancing insanity my legs have calmed down enough to let me walk normal again. I worked around the house all day Sunday, then worked all day Monday and Tuesday at school.  Yesterday was by far the most boring day of this week.  I was a TAKS sub - usually meaning bathroom duty.  Only one boy and girl in their respective bathroom at a time.  They are also not allowed to talk in line while waiting.  I had boys and girls doing the pee pee dance in line and would constantly have to tell whoever was in there to move it or the people in the hall would lose it! That would not have been pretty.

You may have noticed that I changed the look of my blog once again, however it was not by choice.  When I did my last post I noticed I couldn't see the words  - thought it was just my nutso computer but then a few of you emailed me and said you couldn't see them either.  
I just quickly got a regular blogger template which works for now, maybe will try to find another one that I like better - I'm not really a polka dotty type person.

Yesterday when I got home from work I baked about 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies to take to the Shakespeare Club Tea today.  I will try to get some pictures and post them tomorrow.
I've always enjoyed going to these, but this will be my first time as an official member.  

I do have to admit I'm both jealous and happy for my mother right now.  Last Friday she jetted off to California with her twin sister and BIL.  So far she has called me everyday, after they've been on Santa Monica Pier, window shopped on Rodeo Drive, went to tour all the beautiful homes and mansions in Beverly Hills, and went to Graumans Chinese Theater.  
They are having a wonderful time and are due back this coming Friday.  

I know my MIL is not coming up for Easter this weekend due to her still being sick.  The trip up here would really take its toll on her so I'm missing her but glad she is taking care of herself.  We haven't seen her since Christmas so we do want to see her ASAP though.   

One of our friends that lives in Oklahoma is coming into town for about 4 days for business so we will invite him over Saturday for a nice dinner and visit, then afterhe leaves probably sit and watch The Tne Commandements.  We as a family watch that movie every year.  It's our Easter tradition.  We will probably also take Nicole and go see the new Hannah Montana movie.

So what Easter Traditions do you follow?

I hope everyone has been having a great week and will post more soon!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Great to hear from you!! Sounds like you have been busy!!

For Easter this year, Alex & her doofus are coming up. It will be our last Easter with them for a long while as they will be moving to Germany next month. *sigh*

Chris H said...

We don't follow any Easter Traditions at all! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

joanne said...

Glad everything is going well. I love your Easter tradition, we always did that as a family too.

Sounds like your mom is having a great time...lucky lady, i'm a little jealous too!

Well, I hope you MIL gets to feeling better soon, it's not something serious is it?

Take care of yourself and enjoy your Easter holiday.. ;D

Michelle said...

Oh I love that you watch the Ten Commandments. What a neat idea. No bunny visits though?

We have the bunny come and always do a big family meal, but that's about it. It's good for us though!

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