Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi everyone! It's time once again for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop!
If you don't know what this is , please go check it out. Once a week she will put up 5 prompts to get your brain in gear, then you chose one of those, write your post and link it up on Thursday morning!

You get new visitors to your blog and you in turn get to read some new posts and find blogs you may not have known about! FUN FOR ALL INVOLVED:))

Out of this weeks prompts I chose number 4 -

Write about my pets least likable trait.

Thats easy. I currently have four pets. One bird and three dogs. Most of them are mild mannered and don't give us too much grief. With one exception - Korie.

Korie is our biggest dog. We got her when she was just about 6 weeks old. Our next door neighbor has a Yellow Lab who had 8 puppies. They weren't sure who the daddy dog was because all the puppies came out black or gray, lol.

She was destined to be our daughters dog. She said she loved the other dogs in the family but they weren't 'hers'. So she picked out this particular puppy ( who at one time was running around the porch with her head stuck in a dog food can!), named her Korie and in started our waking up every three to four hours to let her out and feed her.

Just like we had had another baby. She let the entire house know she had to go potty or was hungry for her puppy milk.

I guess my daughter thought she would stay the cute little puppy that she was. Looking at the mother dog she should have gotten some clue that she wouldn't.

My daughter took her everywhere , did fun stuff with her, and cleaned up after her. It was a real love connection.

But the dog grew. And grew, and then grew some more.

She is now a 54 -lb , one year old Borador. ( We figured out the daddy was a Border Collie a few doors down...)

She is sweet and lovable to us, but watch out visitors. We took her to obedience classes and those work for her not going after food, and sitting on command and all that jazz, but I guess the protectiveness and the aggression of the Border Collie overtakes her and she will try to go after anyone that visits our house. It is sad really when Nicole has a friend spend the night that they can't play with her dog - she is usually banned to the backyard.

The trainer says it is the Border Collie tendencies coupled with the loyalty of the Labrador that kind of went haywire with her.

She is a very cute, sweet, big , lovable mound of black fur, but sometimes that loyalty gets a little skewed and she shows her ugly side. To the four of us that live in the house she is wonderful, but please let us know in advance if you plan to visit, because we will have to put Cujo, ( Whoops , I meant Korie) outside.

( I was trying to post some pictures of this lovable baby ox, but either my computer or Blogger is not cooperating.) SORRY!


Melva said...

Interesting. What a pain to have to deal with though...ugh I have a Border Collie mix too and she is loyal to me....not agressive too much..just annoying when it comes to food...she acts like she is starving and will hunt you down until you giver her something. LOL....they are smart dogs though...I'd love to see a picture of her...interesting mix of dog :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

she can be trained to allow your guests into the house.
sounds like a great dog to me :)

Michelle said...

Ohhh that is rough. My parents' dog was like that. It took years and years before she settled down more - she was SO protective of the wee ones when on walks, for example. She's finally getting sane ... at 6. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll settle down as she gets older... A protective dog isn't always a bad thing!

Nikki said...

I agree, better a slightly over protective dog then one who stays asleep while a burglar robs the house! LOL!

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