Monday, December 28, 2009

Whew! Time to Relax!!

I had a wonderful Christmas. From catching up on other blogs last night , seems like most of you did too! Thats a good thing:)
Unfortunately no pics, but here is how things went in a nutshell...

Thursday morning it was raining, but snow was predicted. Chris went off to work, while Sue, Nicole and I headed to my moms. We saw the rain turning to snow on the way. Once we got my mom safely back at our house, we hunkered down because they said the snow was definitely coming, expecting 2-4 inches.

Huh? now we have had snow here before, but not on Christmas - not for a verrrrry looong time!

We visited and were having a good time, when Sue and Chris decided to go to Gamestop. On Christmas Eve no less. Crazy. Anyway, Nicole went to play on the computer at that time, so my mom wanted to try out our Wii. She used to bowl in a league as well, so we tackled the bowling and had a blast! First time ever using the Wii and she scored a 129. She then did her fitness age, which consisted of three events and she scored well - only three years above her real age! mIne? not so much.... we then had a boxing match, which I ended up winning, but she did knock me on my butt at least once:)

After dinner we opened presents. We decided to open all but one and leave that for Christmas morning. Everyone got a lot of goodies, mostly what they had wanted and some they wanted and didn't realize!
I got : pretty new sheets for our bed; two books; a new purse; shower gel; a Scentsy pot with three different scents of wax; and we got a huge paper shredder which we had been wanting.

Then there was what Chris got me. He told me it was hidden, and if I didn't find it, he was going to just take it back and get his money back. Nicole gave me a hint though and said all I had to do was look for a new ornament... what??? an ornament for Christmas. It couldn't be that simple, or it wouldn't be Chris!!!!!
Do you realize how many ornaments were on our tree??? I looked. Then I went back and looked some more. What made it funnier, is that there were several mini presents all wrapped and stuck through out the tree! It also didn't help when Nicole is saying, " mommy I'm looking right at it , don't you see it??" NOOOOO!!!!!
The third swing by the tree I spotted a Helzberg Diamond bag. A tiny Helzberg Diamond bag... hung right in the front. It was red, as were most of the ornaments on our tree. So I did find it , and it was an absoutley beautiful pair of Pearl earrings!

We then woke up Christmas morning to my delicious sausage, egg and cheese breakfast casserole and went to see what Santa had brought. Of course Nicole had a huge pile of stuff, and so did we! Santa had brought us several Wii games along with the accessories, including a golf club, baseball bat, two steering wheels, and two rifles!!!! And it was a white Christmas to boot, so it was good all around!

Later after dinner, we took my mom home, which was fun. Only because all the ice had not melted from in front of her house. Throwing a ton of rock salt down and holding on to each other for dear life, we finally made it to her front door. And stayed there. Till Chris came to get me a few hours later after visiting his cousin in the hospital.

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly in pj's and just lazing around. On the down side, Sue is sick and going to the doctor today - and Chris got sick last night - so we will see just pray that Nicole and I don't get it:)

My mom goes back to the eye surgeon tomorrow for a recheck and then if she is cleared to drive, Nicole is going to go over there for the rest of the week!

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!! What a great Christmas you all had!!! Which Scentsy warmer did you get?? I LOVE THOSE!!!

Anonymous said...

HOw fun!!! I am praying you and Nicole don't get sick. Yikes! We've been through it the last several weeks. No fun!

Chris H said...

Seems we all had a lovely Christmas, that is so nice.

Michelle said...

Fingers crossed that you stay healthy. And I'm confused. How did you end up with a White Christmas and we had rain? That doesn't quite seem fair somehow :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Karen Deborah said...

um I am jealous. that's it and well you will have to come by my house to figure out why.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Sounds lovely Marcy. You'll have to catch me up on everything soon.

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