Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baking Giveaway winner

Howdy all! I have been working hard all week and this was the first chance I have had to pick a winner. The winner is

Susitravl !!

Congratulation Susi! If you will email me your address I will get your prize pack on its way!

Everything else here is going fine. February came to Dallas Texas with a bang, where we had 5 snow days! We might miss one day of school, but 5? It was nuts to say the least. The day after all the snow and ice hit I was with power for almost seven hours! It got down to 56 in my apartment, so i spent most of that morning in the heaviest sweats i have , buried under the comforter off my bed. On a good note I got caught up on my reading and did lots of crochet:)

Will write more when time permits, hope all is well with everyone in the blogosphere:)


susitravl said...

I sent you my info! Thanks so much.

susitravl said...

I have not received my prize - do you have any idea of the sponsor's time frame on getting that out? Thanks!!!

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