Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Wow, time is flying by way too fast. The school that Nicole attends goes back on August 16! So we are on the countdown for school supplies and uniforms. Hopefully my private life will be back on track by that time!

Nicole and I went to see Eclipse today and had a great time. Loved it by the way. Can't wait till Breaking Dawn comes out now. Also saw today on the previews that the last in the Harry Potter series will be coming out in two parts. The first one this coming November, the second in June of 2011. When I questioned this out loud, Nicole simply asked me if I wanted to sit through a 5 hr movie?

Ok, she has a good point, lol. My butt would go to sleep if I sat in a movie seat that long.

My mom and I didn't do much on the 4th, but we did eat hot dogs and watch a lot of good movies.

I hope everyone else had a great holiday week.

And PLEASE forgive me. I never did announce the winner of my $30 Kroger Gift Cards from My Blog Spark, General Mills and Kroger Food stores -

It is Christi, of Rant, Rave and Roll. congratulations, and I hope you try some new healthy General Mills products and have fun while eating healthy!

Hope to post again soon.


Chris H said...

August is ages away!
What is wrong with your private life? Have i missed something?

Chris H said...

Thanks for the private email Chick... so sorry things are not too good. {{{HUGS}}}

Michelle said...

You've been busy - and I can't believe you guys go back to school already. We have another week after that, but ... we need to start thinking through school supplies, etc., too.

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