Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Did U Find Me?

I finally figured out how people found my blog, thanks to Peach. But some of the searches are a bit strange, but nothing like some of the ones I've read, especially for Hallies site.

Here are a few things people have googled and landed on my site:

Rev.Melissa Bitting - Now this baffles me a bit, as this was my boss when I worked for my church. A search has been from Dallas and Houston. She is involved in a lot of activities, but could she also be searching for a new job? Who knows ( and I don't really care...)

Renaissance Boobs/Scarborough Faire Boobs - Sorry, can't help ya'll there. I don't have boob pictures on my puter, but I remember I talked about the amount of bodice poppage when we visited there this year.

Women's Flowery Underwear - lets just hope this was a grandma type person searching for new knickers

new shoes called YUMS/Yums in every color/bubble gum yums - Wow, I can't believe the amount of people searching for the shoes YUMS! That is a good thing though... Look on my sidebar to get to the website!

Things beginning with the letter E - hmm, lets see, exotic, erotic, egotistical, eclectic, errand, egg, eroneous....

I've had over 3000 hits which makes me happy. Just as happy as to see the comments ya'll leave me. Fellow bloggers will understand that little happy feeling.

Have ya'll gone to my BFF Nikki's blog and played her movie music trivia game? If you haven't , look in my below post and go do it! Its alot of fun.

Michelle of SoS, the brain behind Its4theKids, has come up with yet another way to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research. If you haven't checked the site lately , please do so as new kids have been added, new ideas, and tons of comments. Since its launch a few months ago it has had over 6000 hits which is totally amazing. Michelle has also listed the amounts of money she has sent to families in need of just a little extra push. She has personally come to know alot of these kiddos and she is doing an amazing job. Look at her post today on SoS as she has up some greeting cards she has made, selling them for a dollar a piece I think.

Thank goodness Mother Nature heard the cries of Texans everywhere and has given us a bit of a cool wave - its only supposed to get to 99 degrees today with some rain, as opposed to the 103+degrees its been the last week or so. I swear it feels like you are walking face first into a ginormous hair dryer when just stepping outside to get the mail.

Hope ya'll have a good day!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What are you saying?

All my searches are wholesome and clean!! People NEVER find my blog looking for itty, bitty, beefy wieners!


Lena said...

What a great analogy! It DOES feel like a hair dryer! We actually got some thunder and rain this morning. Now it's turning into steam...

Karen Deborah said...

welcome to google

Chris H said...

I found you via Coffe Bean's blog I think... or you found me! I get lots of hits from people googling Diet coke.... among other things. One day I got over 800 hits .. I reckon some school or university or similar were researching Diet Coke!!! Too funny! It's so much fun eh?