Friday, July 18, 2008

How could you NOT know?????

Ok, I'm a bit baffled. When I stayed at my mom's house a few weeks ago she got me hooked on the Discovery Health Channel. I'm now finding myself flipping to that channel whenever I feel like it during the day to see what gory, gross or interesting thing is on.
Yesterday and this morning I watched a show called Amazing Births. Now I have heard stories of women giving birth in odd places. Even those that didn't know they were pregnant till they gave birth. I'm sure it is totally possible to either be in total denial, uninformed or whatever. But what do you think it is when that baby kicks? GAS? I know when I was pregnant if I had had gas feel like that I would have been worried, lol. Here are some of the strange places I've watched women give birth on this show:

--a woman in Africa gave birth in a tree while flood waters raged around her

--a woman gave birth in her dorm room , not knowing she was pregnant till when the baby crowned. She had been told she could never have a baby.

--the woman from here in the DFW area that gave birth in her classroom. ( I had heard about this one in 2002 when it happened and I just saw it on this show!) It was her third baby, and she thought she was having braxton hix contractions, then her water broke, they got the classroom outside and the school nurse and her teaching assistant delivered the baby.

--a woman caught in an ice storm delivered roadside

--a woman gone into premature labor with twins delivered roadside

--a woman delivered on a ferry boat trying to get to the mainland from Nantucket

-- a 13 yr old Girl Scout delivered her moms baby on the bedroom floor

On one or two of these births I thought to myself, ok, they knew they were pregnant. Some had had kids before, but just thought it was early cramping. Then they'd stop and pack their bags ( shouldn't that have been done like months before? ) drop the other kids off at a babysitters...
Then they would leave for the hospital and not make it.

I know every pregnancy and delivery is different , but hmmm, guess I just can't imagine not being prepared, or having to fight Mother Nature or whatever.

I think the weirdest one we saw yesteday was a woman, knowing she was pregnant, wanted to give birth 'naturally'. Not just meaning no pain meds... she meant no doctors, no hospital, NOTHING!, instead her and her hubby went to some island they knew of and looked for a tide pool of an ocean where it would be peaceful to give birth...

I have also heard of water births, but come on.. in a tidepool? living like Robinson Crusoe? with NO DOCTOR???

I think if I were to ever have another baby, I'd want a water birth. In a hospital, with a doctor. NO tidepools thank you very much:))

I"m sure some of you right now are thinking HUH? just like I was. Look for the channel, watch it, you may just be hooked:)) Here in Dallas on cable it is channel 200 fyi.

Have a great day all!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Our former neighbor (young lady of 22 and very, very large) was rushed to the ER one day for a supposed gall bladder attack.

Came home with TYLER.

3 years guessed it!! Rushed into ER for supposed appendix issue.

Came home with CARTER.

Never knew either time. Never had a day of prenatal care for either.

Has since had a 3rd child (planned pregnancy) and all are fine!!

I saw her through both of the first 2 pregnancies almost every day and never noticed. She was that large.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I don't people not keep up with their periods? Im so regular I would know, if something was wierd....

noble pig said...

This show would make my Obstetrician husband insane! I don't understand the not knowing thing either. That's lame.

Mabunny said...

Yea Noble I can see that show driving the wild boar absolutely crazy! I worked in the medical field for 10 yrs and that is why I'm a bit baffled too.
While working in an oB's office , we had one late teen/early 20 something deaf girl that didn't know she was pregnant. When we suspected it, did an ultrasound on her, she ran in the bathroom and threw up from the shock then called her boyfriend and told him to get his ass there NOW! Apparently when she was put on some meds the doc gave her she didn't read his lips or her instructions to use another form of birth control because this medicine would cancel her current form out!
Good Grief!

Chris H said...

I am hooked on that channel too, but havn't seen that doco on unusual births. I find is VERY HARD to believe anyone can be 7-8-9 months pregnant and NOT KNOW! come on... a baby kicks and moves around, gets the hiccups, etc etc... not to mention no monthlies, the discomfort on ya bladder, morning sickness, etc... it is beyond me.