Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet My Braces:)

Good morning:) I would like you to meet something that is my constant companion. Sometimes I'm really happy with them, and other times I'd like to throw them through the nearest window.

These are my tennis shoes. Not that I can play tennis in them. Notice how wide the area is that you would normally put your foot in?

These are my braces. Technically they are known as AFOs or Ankle/Foot Orthotics. When I have them on, they stop just before the ball of my foot. They help me walk better, and have better balance then I would normally have.

This is what my braces look like while in my shoes. Yes in case you are wondering, I have , or rather had big feet. Although my feet have gone down at least a whole shoe size, I need bigger shoes to fit the braces, therefore making me feel like bigfoot.

These are my feet. They look relatively normal, right? ( please pardon the peeling polish...) Notice how my right foot is slightly smaller than my left? that is due to my weakest side being my right. or it could be my photography skills... either way, you get the idea.

Notice in this one how my big toe drops? That is part of the reason why I trip and fall if I'm not careful. I cannot bring my toe back up to be with the others. Therefore when I go to walk, if I'm barefoot, that tricky little toe likes to bend under and hence I smoosh it , trip and fall. Usually cuss a bit too because it hurts like the devil.

Right now I don't want to wear my braces because my left one is rubbing a huge blister on the back of my heel. I don't have a choice however if I am subbing. I'm on my feet so much that I probably would not be able to walk by the end of the day, also trying to keep up with able legged kids trying to all rush at once into the lunchroom, I need all the help I can get:)


Nicole is off school today. It is their fair day. The State Fair of Texas , held in Dallas Fair Park usually runs the last week of September thru mid October. We go every year, however usually we can't go on her fair day. They always give the kids one free ticket, but its always on a weekday and Chris is working. He would have been able to take the day off and go , but with the expenses incured last week at the musical and dinner, we will have to wait till next week to go. I will try to take some pics though and introduce you to Big Tex.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

The blister has to be frustrating. I know I get irritated when I have them. Have you looked into the Nuskin or whatever they call it? It's like a band aid but is meant to cover blisters/worn areas and moves with your skin to prevent painful rubbing. I've used it before and had it work great, although I can't remember what it's called now.

It cracks me up that your fair is now... I'm in a sweatshirt and jeans and debating turning my heat on. What a difference a few hundred miles makes, right? ;)

Brandi said...

Romans 10:15 - "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

I have always hated my ugly feet, but I also always remember this scripture. It has become my favorite as my feet get uglier with age.

I am so jealous that you get to go to the fair! Have not been in years and would love to be able to take my daughter and granddaughter. Have fun and give Big Tex a big ol' wave and Howdy for me!

MaBunny said...

Thanks Brandi, I didn't know about that particular scripture.

noble pig said...

Ouch a blister! I have never seen braces like this on someone. And if they help you, then thank goodness!

You are so lucky to go to the Fair. Our state fair is in August and it's just too hot!

Coffee Bean said...

I'm sorry to hear about your blister. That is no fun! Your shoes are all nice and clean!

Karen Deborah said...

Blisters are no good, gotta go back and find out why. Yeah I know you know. It's not fun but the bare feet fall on your face thing sounds much worse. MS is no picnic. I like your new bloggy look, and thanks for your prayers while I was in Colombia.

MaBunny said...

Hehe thanks for all the hopefuls that my blisters get fixed, they surely r no fun! and for clarification I have CMT, which is NOT MS. It is considered a peripheral neuropathy;)))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcy for sharing! I often wondered what they looked like when you would speak of them. I have orthotics (sp?) in my work shoes, but they are just inserts due to a heal spur...and yep like you if I don't have them in, I couldn't walk @ the end of the day @ work...

12 hours on concrete wouldn't happen! Hopefully you will get that blister healed, and they will make you feel better!!!

Our state fair also falls in August, which makes for a miserable time..You would think for a better turn out they would have it when it's cooler!!!