Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hmmm, lets see now...I need to update on some things I'd mentioned previously, and other things I've noticed lately in the blogosphere:

--I finally got my leg braces fixed yet again, to where they aren't rubbing ginormous blisters on my heel:) ( YAY!)

--However, the orthotist that fixed my braces helped me to come to the conclusion that part of the reason my foot was rubbing up and down in my brace is because I was not tying my shoe tight enough. oh joy. So he put a thicker pad on the ankle strap that will help hold my foot in there. Although he is NOT my neurologist , he said my hands are probably a tad bit weaker and I can't actually tie the laces as tight as I used to. Maybe I should finally embrace velcro.

--our car is doing great! I'm enjoying it so much, I am off work today and not planning to go anywhere but it is nice to know that I can if I got the urge to.

--Head on over to visit my BFF Nikki, and give her son Nathan and his football team a huge CONGRATS because if memory serves me they haven't lost a game yet this season!

--remember Sunday I posted about where you could register to win one of the purses they were giving away every hour??? well crapola, I didn't win, but PEACH did!! ( &^%$$# %^^&*** grrrrrr) I've been banned from buying a new purse, but I was hoping I could win one, lol that way I would not have been put into exile:)) CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!!

--I've mentioned previously that I've been a guest of the Lancaster Shakespeare Club, thru my friend Jackie. Well after enjoying several afternoons and outings with this wonderful group of ladies, I was formally invited to join! I accepted and am now an official member! I'm sooo excited!! Unfortunately I am unable to attend the November meeting, but will make the December one and have a wonderful time! I've also been invited to attend the Lancaster Book Review Club. One member of the Shakespeare Club is also in this book review club and she heard me talking to another member about reading, and so she invited me to that meeting, which is the last Thursday of the month. Will let you know how that goes.

--If you haven't checked out Dawn's blog lately, at Because I Said So..., please do so. She has redone her site, which looks totally awesome, and you can now pre-order her book ( by the same name) from All you have to do is click on the book cover in her sidebar and it will automatically take you to the order site! I think it is due for release around Mothers Day 2009.

--Go over and give Hallie a cyberhug today if you can... she and her family are struggling with some tough decisions right now , which she can't discuss atm, but at least needs to know her blog family is here for support if she needs us!

--If you haven't ever checked out Broken Man, please go do so...I visited his blog after he visited mine one day, and now I am a regular reader. He is totally anonymous in identity, but he writes carefree. He lives in England, is currently in seminary,and he is freaking out a bit over impending first -time-fatherhood, so please go give him a thumbs up that everything will eventually work out ok!

--Head on over to visit Allison and give her a thumbs up! She is on her 5th day as smoke-free! She has had some cravings, but her friends have helped her through them. Quitting smoking is hard, so please go giver her some more encouragement!

--My friend Eden, who lives in Montana sent me these pictures Sunday morning. She had mentioned Saturday evening that it was snowing in the mountains, but she didn't think they were going to get any. Guess she was wrong... ( I can't remember her cute dogs name that is in the picture):

She said by mid-afternoon most of it had melted though...
Well I plan to have a great day working a bit on my afghan, reading, and getting off my butt and doing some sort of exercise. Maybe since it is only supposed to only get in the mid 60s here I will go for a nice outdoors walk.

Have a great day!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhh I am blushing :) and tickled too :) I hope the shoe issues are totaly fixed blisters are not fun!

Isnt it so cool to not have to be anywhere but to know that you CAN go if you so desired? Too bad texas is so darn far... just hop on I20 and head east you will get to me eventually :) I live a mere 4 miles from the interstate.

so if you could buy a purse what kind /style would you buy???

AND SNOW oh have mercy its supposed to get up to 88 degrees here today... We had snow ONE time a few years back... we had 6 inches that week... well three days before it melted off and we had to turn the A/C back on!

Have a wonderful enjoyable day!
HUGS laura

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear NO MORE BLISTERS!

And thanks for the cyber hug! :)


jojo said...

I hope you get things worked out with your braces. I remember wearing something similar and they were a pain...I always had places that rubbed. And with the neuropathy it always feels as if my shoes are tied too tight...even when I'm not wearing any. Stupid neuropathy.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments...I am trying to dig myself out of this hole. Thanks for your support. Take care ;)

MaBunny said...

grrr. I just looked at all the winners on handbagplanet, and what is worse then someone I know winning? she won the purse that I was going for too!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Congrats Peach! They have some cute things! THe purse I wanted was so out of stock, but Im glad you won, which I didn't either..grrr...

hahaha...Thanks for the support Marcey today is Day 6, I don't think it get's any easier, but still no smoke! Im very proud of myself!

noble pig said...

It's 90 degrees here today, I can't imagine snow anywhere!

Michelle said...

Oh I am SO jealous of Peach! Especially because there were two purses there I loved and wanted to buy, and BOTH of them were out of stock. GRRRRRR.

Rick said...

The doodle looks good here. You've got a couple of my artistic expressions posted here. Watch out! The blog is beginning to look a little trashy.

Peach won a purse? Did you direct her to the site? Seems she should let you borrow it on occassion - when you take your new wheeles for a spin?