Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorite Book Contest

Hiyas! I'm a little late entering this contest by Michelle at SoS , but no biggy.

Since she is a writer and illustrator of children's books , she is currently holding a contest about YOUR favorite childrens book. It can be something you read as a child or one that you now read to your child. You have to include a cover photo of the book and link it back to, then go put a comment HERE telling her you've entered so she can come check it out. You pretty much have to have a blog to do this, so sorry to non-bloggers.

The prize is a drawing by her, ( she is fantastic!), if someone has chosen one of her three favorite kids books ( known only to her at this point in time).

The contest ends this Friday (tomorrow) so if you want to enter DO IT NOW!!!!

Heres my entry. Its called "Where Do Balloons Go?" it is written by Jamie Lee Curtis and my BFF Nikki gave this to Nicole as a birthday present - we have treasured it ever since. It has very bright coloring ( always a good thing), has a bit of a mystery to it ( where DO the balloons go?), is a rhyming book and is just plain fun to read.

Here it is.

You can check it out at HERE.

So there is my pick. I know there are many, mnay wonderful childrens books out there. Reading to your kids is very important. We always looked at it as boo-bear and mommy or daddy time. Nowadays Nicole is reading on her own ( she got a commended score on her TAKS test last year in reading earning her a silver medal), and as always I have at least one book I'm reading. Sometimes I read two, and I always have a magazine to back me up - either my Better Homes and Garden, or my Glamour. Between those, my crochet, blogging and gaming, and occasionally subbing I'm a busy girl!

Have a great day!

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