Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Devil in Carton

Ok, since my camera is messing with my mind this morning and NOT allowing me to upload the picture of this Devil plagueing me, I will have to try to paint you a mental picture...

This Devil entered my house at approximately 8:00 pm Friday evening. It looked innocent enough at the time. It was supposed to be for Nicole. She had asked for it over two weeks ago.

It entered the house and was put in our freezer. It sat there allll weekend long , not bothering anyone.
Then Monday I had to get something out of the freezer. When I opened the freezer door the Devil struck me.
I got what I needed out of the freezer and slammed the door on the Devil.
It called to me.
It made me imagine it in a small dish, with me slowly taking its yummy, creamy goodness into my mouth.
My stomach was screaming. I gave in to the Devilish temptataion and succombed to this

It is Schwans Cinnamon Ice Cream. They bring it out for the holiday season ONLY. We had never had it before, but Nicole thought it sounded good as she is a big lover of cinnamon. It comes in a small half gallon container and not very expensive at all. We have made bets at the house at just how good it would be with a big scoop on top of Schwans luscious pumpkin pie.

(Since I was unable to upload my photo, the picture is compliments of the Schwans website)

Ok, now that you probably want ice cream for breakfast, I will leave you with that thought.


noble pig said...

The devil lives at my house too!

Michelle said...

Interestingly, I was just about to go get myself a dish of rum raisin :) And I'm glad that wasn't your picture... I was going to be quite disappointed if you actually got out the cinnamon sticks to garnish your own ice cream :)