Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good News

Gosh, I thought with the coming of summer I'd be posting daily, or at least every other day. That does not seem to be the case though. I'm usually up by 7am, feeding three dogs, letting them outside, making breakfast, doing dishes, and then doing something with Nicole. By the time I get some 'me' time, I'm too pooped to type, much less put a post together.

Friday we had Nicole's appointment regarding her knee. She does not have to have surgery on the cyst - he said that should eventually go away. They did additional x-rays and said that she just has 'growing pains'. The doctor explained that kids get pains like she is describing on their knee cap and there is no medical cause for them. He also said that she is tall for her age and that could be putting some extra stress on her knee. He suggested she could do physical therapy to strengthen her thigh muscles and such, so we will wait and see if we decide to do that.

Other than those two days of horrid storms last Wednesday and Thursday we haven't gotten any more bad weather. All the flooding has gone down, and now the temps are up. The other day it was 94 , but with the heat index registered 107!! That makes it very hard to do anything outside but laze around a pool all day.

Since it has been getting so hot, yesterday when I woke up early I made a three cheese chicken casserole, a meatloaf and some breakfast muffins so that I didn't have to cook when it was hot later in the day. Then tomorrow I will get out there about 630-7am and start mowing the front lawn. I thing Chris and I will be doing some edging and stuff tonight.

This coming Friday we will be going out dancing with some friends of ours, and like 3 other couples. Chris and I haven't been to this particular dance club/bar in about 5 years so it should be interesting. My mom will watch Nicole and we will probably go pick her up Sunday.

Well, just wanted to let ya'll know what the doc said about her knee. I'm going to go eat some lunch and fold laundry!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Chris H said...

Y:aaaaaa.. Nicole's knee is going to be OK! No surgery, that's great.

Christina said...

Wow.... I should skip cooking and just eat at your house tonight! ;-)